3 Simple Steps To Choosing A Profitable Niche For Blogging

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Most starting bloggers get stuck up in the question of what niche are they going to write about? Well if your goal is to make money off your blogs, the most sensible question is “What’s a profitable niche for blogging?”

It’s the proper question because you could blog just about anything but if there’s not a ton of people in that niche, converting readers to sales WILL be a difficult task.

So to help you with this process, I’ve decided to write about this topic in more detail.

Determining a profitable niche for blogging was a question I sat on for a few days. I really needed to think it through because I didn’t want to keep changing from one niche to the other. 

And I’m sure you don’t want to as well.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing what I did to come up with a decision on what niche to go for and how you can determine yours! If you’re ready to answer that question, then let’s jump right to it 🙂


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3 Simple Steps To Choosing A Profitable Niche For Blogging

3 Simple Steps To Choosing A Profitable Niche For Blogging 101.


First off let’s define what a niche is. A niche is a focused topic or group in a broad market.

Let’s say for example the topic of sneakers. Within the market of sneakers, there are tons of niches below it such as sneakers for kids, for teens, for women and men. So you can think of niches as categories or topics.

As for blogging, any topic that you can think about is a niche – whether that’s technology, finance, cooking, or sports. Anything! Every hobby, passion, or interest can also be considered as a niche. 


Step 1: Determine Your Niche

choosing a profitable niche for your blog

To know what you’re going to write about you need to have a little bit of introspection. You need to answer questions like: 

  • What do you frequently search about?
  • Determine what your hobbies are?
  • What are your interests?
  • Are there topics that you get excited about?
  • What motivates you?

To some, there would be different answers to those questions. But to many, the majority of their answers only revolve around two to three things.

It’s important to know your niche because that will be the foundation of your blog.

That’s the audience that you’ll be writing for, that’s where the majority of your readers will come from, and that’s who you’re going to sell.

If you don’t really have an idea of what niche you should enter, here are 2 activities that you can do:


1st activity:

Write down all things you like talking about.

Don’t think about it too much, just list down any hobby or topic that pops into your mind.

This is a good activity to do because you’re just letting your mind flow as you write things down. I know it can be difficult to choose a specific niche immediately so this activity will allow you to see a bigger picture of your interest. After which we’ll narrow it down to the topic you love the most 🙂

To help you with this activity, try to think about the magazines you read, what topics online pique your interest, or what do you usually think about.

After you’ve written all the topics that you like, hold on to that list. The next step will be discussed after the 2nd activity.


2nd activity:

If brainstorming doesn’t work for you or you simply don’t like the process, it’s all good.

Another thing that you can do to come up with a niche is to go to Amazon.com.

After you’ve done so, go to the category menu of the website. There you will see a ton of “suggestions” for your niche:

Each of those categories can be a niche that you can write about.

But again, you need a niche that you’re interested in. So you can choose from Electronics, Women’s Fashion, to Video Games. 

That being said, these are the broad niches or categories. If you want to be more specific, click on any category, and it will narrow down your search.

Let’s click Beauty And Personal Care for example:

There you will see it lists all subtopics under the main topic of Beauty And Personal Care. From there you can write down the things that you’re interested in.

After doing activities 1 and 2, you now have a set of niches that you can choose from. What you’ll do now is to narrow down that list by crushing out the topics that you like less from the rest.


Step 2: Pick A Niche From The List 

choosing a profitable niche for your blog 2-min

Before anything else, please remember that there is no right or wrong niche.

There’s no standard on what bloggers should write and what they shouldn’t.

As you look down the list of niches, here are some questions that will greatly help you in choosing the right niche for you!


a) Do I Love Writing About The Topic?

This is probably the most basic question that you need to answer. You need to love the topic that you’re writing about so you can achieve longevity in blogging. 

When you’re serious about making money through your blogs, you don’t expect to generate money in just a few weeks. Because chances are there are already authority blogs in your niche and for you to be seen in search engines, you need to post blogs that are well thought off and well written so you can be on par with those authorities.

When you love the topic that you’re blogging about, it will show on your blog post.

It will display your expertise, your knowledge, and enthusiasm about the topic! And when readers notice that, they tend to appreciate the blog post more. 


b) Will I Still Love Writing About It After The 25th Post?

Loving about writing that topic is one thing but will you sustain the same energy after so many posts?

From what I’ve seen from other blogs is they really start out strong. Posting two to three blog posts every week. But as time goes by, that number decreases. The post becomes twice a week to once a week. Sometimes even once a month.

This just means that the path to a successful blog requires hard work and consistency.

So with the facts above, will you still love writing about it after a few months? After so many posts? 

It’s an important question to answer because the journey to monetizing a blog is a long one. You will encounter feelings of laziness, complacency, and doubt. 

When I was still starting out, I had blog posts that had no impressions or reads.

That is the hard cold truth.

And it happened to posts where I thought that it will be the one that will put me on the map. But as I faced those challenges, I kept posting quality content one after the other (and I really do hope that you, my readers enjoy them!).

The next two questions help if you’re planning to monetize your blog in the long run…


c) Are There People In This Niche?

You won’t be able to monetize your blog if there’s no one searching for your topic. Why? Simply because you can’t sell something if there’s no one interested in it.

One way to know if a niche still has people searching about is using Google Trends

You can just type in your niche or a keyword that’s under that niche. 

In this example, let’s type in “personal finance”

The chart above shows the popularity of personal finance in a 5 year period. It has maintained a number of average searches from 2015 to July of 2019. In August 2019, it had a spike of increased interest but just died down after a few weeks. 

To go deeper into the niche of personal finance, let’s search for some keywords under it. Below are graphs of the keywords, “money management” and “make money online”

As you can see, both keywords didn’t experience any flat line in their graphs. Which means that they are constantly searched weekly for a span of 5 years.

So if you’re thinking about writing a blog on money, it would be a wise decision to choose a broader topic that covers money management, making money, and saving money

Rather than choosing a really specific niche, go for a niche that talks about those three keywords so your blog gets exposed to all the audience searching for those words!


d) How Do People Make Money In This Niche?

If you’re thinking of monetizing a blog on that niche, you must assume that there are already people doing that.

So what you can do is search for blogs that are in your niche.

Survey their website and look for whatever monetization process they do.

You’ll notice that some of them utilize banners ads, courses, and affiliate links to make money. If you see them do such things then it’s possible for you to take advantage of those as well!


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Step 3: Earn From Your Niche

choosing a profitable niche for your blog 3-min

If you’re now on this step, you probably have chosen a niche and determined what are the different ways to earn from it. 

Now, you will pick a way on how you can monetize your blog. If you answered the last question above, then you already have an idea of how others monetize theirs.

The way I monetize my blog is through affiliate marketing.

AND I really suggest that you consider this option as well ESPECIALLY if you’re just starting out because you don’t need to mess with product creation and all that stuff just yet. Affiliate marketing is I believe the fastest way you can earn money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is when a blogger becomes a partner with a company. That company gives the blogger a specific affiliate link that when readers buy or signup using the blogger’s link, the blogger will be paid a commission or a certain percentage from that sale.

An example of an affiliate link would be when Youtubers promote a product and try to convince you to buy it. And if you use their link, it will give you a 5% discount on your first purchase. 

It’s through affiliate marketing that I’m able to earn from my blogs right now.

But how do you become an affiliate member in your niche?

You can simply type on Google “affiliate program + niche

For this example, let’s search for affiliate programs on yoga!

As you can see there are tons of affiliate programs just for Yoga!  And each of these programs only differs from one another through their payment structure. 

Just like choosing niches, there are no rules on picking which affiliate program you should join.

But a good rule of thumb is to be an affiliate with products that you use or products that’s within your niche.



Those are the three steps to choosing a profitable niche for blogging! For some, it’s an easy task to do while for others it’s a decision that they need to really think through. 

In this blog of mine, I generally talk about things that Millennials see as important in their lives. And being a millennial myself, I think that there are three niches that we focus on at this point in our lives, and that’s money, career, and lifestyle.

So this blog caters to millennials, people who search for all things money-related, people who love to read about career development, and the ones who search for lifestyle tips and changes.

YOU can do this too!

For others, they end up with three niches on their list but sometimes they can put those three niches under one category just like mine! Which is a great advantage because you reach a wider audience with this approach! 😉


Choosing Affiliate Marketing To Monetize My Blog

I chose to partner up with the brands I believe in because I don’t want to recommend something to my readers that I haven’t really used yet. Transparency is a big thing for me and I only recommend the products and services that I’ve used – I recommend you do the same thing too.

Because people can see right through you if you’re just partnering with every company out there to earn a few bucks.

When you’re starting out with affiliate marketing, the last thing you want to do is enroll in all affiliate programs that you can see. If you promote products that go beyond your niche, your readers will only be confused about what kind of blog you really are. 

So again, it’s better to go for affiliate programs that are within your blog’s niche and be partners with products that you use.


How To Become A Great Affiliate Marketer

But in order for you to effectively learn how to be a great affiliate marketer, I recommend checking out the lessons from Wealthy Affiliate.

They have been around for 15 years and have over 1.5 million budding internet entrepreneurs guided by their lessons and service to build a business from scratch to something that’s profitable. 

wealthy affiliate review-min

I can attest to those claims because I started with having no knowledge of affiliate marketing to making money off that through my blogs.

And I credit that success to Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons and teachings – no joke.

To be honest, Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t my first choice.

I enrolled in two courses before joining them. And I was discouraged after taking those courses because all they taught was black hat tricks that weren’t going to be sustainable in the long run. It was all about quick money for them..

But when I decided to try one more course, I was happy that I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate as my last attempt.

Believe me when I say that they’re the complete package, especially when you’re a beginner.

They’ll provide you with everything you need to create and grow an online business. Their platform includes education, the tools, the network, the website, and the community!

Aside from their awesome and quick service, they really have the best community I’ve ever seen. Every question posted on the platform is answered within minutes – it’s crazy given the fact they have millions of members!

Here’s one example. This is a question from a FREE LESSON that was posted on the platform. 

Notice how quickly the question was answered! And mind you, this lesson wasn’t newly posted, it was updated in September of this year – proves that the community is active and growing.

If you’re interested or just want to see what the platform is like, sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account!

It’s all free. No credit cards needed! 

I started off as a free member just to see and feel the platform and I was happy enough to upgrade to the annual plan! 🙂 Plus, with a free account, I can already start building my website – for FREE.

BUT if you’re not really sure, you can also just read more on my full and thorough review of them here (the good and the bad!).


A Profitable Niche For Blogging

Hopefully, you already know by now how to choose your niche and how you can profit it through your blogs. It’s important to note that this process is one of the first steps to starting your own website and making a name in your niche.

But don’t get overwhelmed with the process, take on challenges one by one and solve them!

Every successful blogger started out that way, what separates the successful ones from those who aren’t is hard work and determination to providing quality content to their readers!

So have you decided what niche you should enter? Do you have anything to add to find out what niche works best for you? Let me know in the comments below! 😀




If you find the post helpful, please share it around!

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