Suzi Whitford Printables By Number Review [2021]: Is It Worth It?

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Hello you, my beautiful blog reader, welcome to my Printables by Number review – a course by Suzi Whitford, one of the top bloggers out there.

If you’re thinking of earning side income by creating printables or getting another source of income from your blog (like me), you will really need to consider snatching this awesome course.

I will go through this Printables by Number course in detail below but before I do that, I just want to share a bit of my background on what triggered me to get this course.

Because it was definitely not something I thought I’d be doing.

I’m someone whose life revolves around digital things – like I only own a handful of paperback books and the rest are all stored in my cherished Kindle, I chose my career so that I can only do it digitally (I’m a digital marketer by profession).

And I only keep notes and do my project management all in digital software or apps.

So I never thought that printables could actually help someone (me) and I didn’t want to sell something that I didn’t believe in.

But then… as I was working through this blog of mine, feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to do first and what I should focus on in my blog’s growth stage, I decided to give Suzi’s free Blog Plan printables a go.

And I totally regret not printing the blog plan sooner because it REALLY helped me get my blogging things together.

So I had a total realization on how printables could actually help my blog readers (and me) with their finances. Not everyone wants to keep their budgeting using my Google Sheet template. Maybe some of them prefer printables – and they do.

I’ll share more on my journey in the next upcoming sections of this review but before I digress too much, let’s go through what printables is all about very briefly first 🙂

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What Is A Printable & Why Is It Awesome

Printable(s) is a digital product (graphics, templates, drawings etc) that you can design or get online and print them out to be used on paper. Some printables can also be edited online with the help of a digital software like Adobe.

However, many of them are meant to be printed out so that it can be used on paper as a guide.

Printables can be offered for free – usually as a lead magnet to get more subscribers, but they can also be for sale. Usually printables do not come with high price tag but depending on how much you’re getting, the price can go higher.

In one printable store, you can find printables being sold as cheap as $1 and as high as $57.

This is one store you can take inspiration from – just look at how much she was able to sell her printables in 3 years – almost $14million dollars. This definitely gives me the confident to pursue creating and selling printables online.

P/s: Sarah Titus (the owner of the store) also has her own printables course but it focuses on using Photoshop and 10x more expensive. Just FYI.

Anyway, now that we know how printables can literally change your lives and income, let’s see how do you actually sell those pretty printables.

Also, try saying “pretty printables” 10x faster :p

How Do I Sell Printables?

One of the most no-brainer ways is to sell via Etsy. Anyone can start selling without a blog or traffic because Etsy will bring in the traffic to the site so you just need to make sure your printables stand out to get clicks and sales.

If you do have a blog, you can well, sell them on your blog using SendOwl or ThriveCart. If you’re new to this, don’t worry, Suzi will show you how to get started step-by-step in the course. 😊 Plus, all the sales funnels that you can do to make sure you’re increasing your AOV (average order value).

You can also create a Shopify store for your printables just like the store I mentioned above. I would recommend only going for this route once you have a traffic base to send them to your Shopify store because if you don’t, not only you have to work on getting traffic but you also need to bear the Shopify monthly hosting fee.

One of Suzi’s students also makes the most money selling on And if you do create printables in the homeschooling niche, you can also tap into that website.

There are multiple different platforms on how you can sell your printables. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a blog yet or if your blog is still very small.

My blog is tiny too but I managed to get some success with it! I’ll share more of that story below! 😊

Now that I’m done giving you a bit of a push to pursue printables, let’s see how this Printables by Numbers course can really help you on your journey to become the printables master!

Founder of Printables by Number

printables by number review

Learning about the founder of any course is a must to know their authenticity and whether or not they are a scam.

I’m very happy to say that Suzi Whitford from is NOT a scam. In fact, she’s just soooo far away from becoming a scam because everything that she teaches or offers to her students is actual gold.

Suzi used to work as an engineer with her husband, John before deciding to become a stay-at-home mum taking care of their first daughter. She wanted an outlet so she turned to blogging (after trying her hands in many other things) and she just loved the experience.

Not only she loves blogging but she’s also very successful at making money from her blog that to cut the story short, she was able to retire her husband at 30 years old so their family can all spend time with each other more.

One thing is true about Suzi is that she loves giving and none of her course are expensively priced. I’ve taken multiple of her small products/courses and I’ve never EVER been disappointed.

She has almost 100,000 students and I don’t think I’ve seen any negative comment about her ever anywhere. She’s just that good and she always replies to your email! (I’ve emailed her a few times)

So I’m sure that you and anybody who’s thinking of getting this Printable by Numbers course won’t be disappointed too. 🙂

What’s Inside Printables By Number

printables by number review
Module #1: Introduction

This is basically like an introduction to printables and how you can use printables as a mini product that you can later lead to a high priced products or courses in your business.

There’s also a video on the common mistakes we make that can result to our printables not converting enough. I have personally made a few of those mistakes myself!

Module #2: Resources and Templates

You will get your bonuses here along with some templates that Suzi had made them herself. You can modify those templates and use them as freebie or sell them. You can’t copy but you can modify – one of her students had actually made a LOT of printables using those given templates!

There are 4 awesome bonuses that you will get with this course:

  • 100 Printable Ideas
  • Resource Library by Number (teach you how to create your own personal resource library and make additional sales without being salesy!)
  • Premium Ebook Template for only $9 (50% OFF!)
  • Blog Shop Course (create a shop within your blog! This can only be accessed by PbN students)
Module #3: Powerpoint

I never thought that I’d love Powerpoint so much until I went through this course. I’m now a convert from Canva to PPT!

Suzi goes through step by step on how to create your own default template that reflects your blog, teaches you how to create little functions that can turn into beautiful printables templates, and how to quickly create a snappy infographic for your blog!

Module #4: Powerpoint Printable Tutorials

Even though Suzi has taught us how to create printables in the previous module, Suzi still goes more in-depth on how to create specific printables like weekly calendars, year-at-a-glance, planners as well as some kids-related printables!

I saw that Suzi has added a few more tutorials in here from time to time and you will get access to them plus the upcoming ones!

Module #5: Canva

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried out Canva just yet, Suzi still goes through the platform in-depth so you’re not missing out on anything.

To be honest, I’ve been a Canva lover since college and I do like using them for my printables too. The only reason why I have been distancing (lol) myself with Canva for a bit is just because my laptop is quite old now and it does affect my internet speed. So at times, it lags.

And I just tend to have a lot better control with PPT – just me, personally.

But if you do use Canva but haven’t upgraded just yet, Suzi will share with you on why she loves the Pro features, but you can still get through the course without upgrading.

Module #6: Canva Printable Tutorials

Similar to PPT printable tutorials, Suzi goes through step-by-step on how to create popular printables like planners and other kids-related printables.

Module #7: How to Grow Your Email List With Printables

This is like a mini course on how to get more subscribers using your printables.

Suzi shows how to create a header (like below screenshot) on your blog while using an email service provider – Convertkit.

If you haven’t gotten any email service provider yet, there’s a link to give Convertkit a free trial (Suzi’s affiliate link).

Module #8: How To Sell Your Printables – The Strategy

On the first video of this module, Suzi shares 5 different reasons why people actually buy products and that short video itself (3:23 mins) had already taught me so much! It’s easier for you to create a product once you got to know what exactly your audience needs.

She also goes through step by step on how to present your printables so that people will be attracted to the printables and will actually buy!

There are also two short checklist on how to get more people into your email subscription AND how to present those sellable printables to your subscribers or blog visitors.

Module #9: How To Sell your Printables – The Tech Side

This module itself is over 4 hours long so you will learn in detail how to set up funnels, a payment system, or a shop on your blog to sell your printables.

First thing first, John will show you how the sales process works so you will understand what works the best for your business.

And then he will go through step by step on how to setup the ENTIRE sales process inside Thrivecart – if you do sign up with their affiliate link you will get 7 extra bonuses related to funnels.

If you want to create an online store and sell your printables from your own website, John still takes you step-by-step on how to go about this with WooCommerce. You can basically choose which of the two you’re more comfortable with.

Suzi does touch very briefly on Teachable – but it only makes sense if you’re already having a course on Teachable or planning to do so in the next few months.

There’s also a masterclass video on how to sell more on Etsy with Julie. AND how you can now sell digital products on Convertkit for free. It depends on where you’re located, Converkit ecommerce hasn’t been rolled out everywhere just yet.

Module #10: Additional Lessons and Overviews

This module is a bit of a miscellaneous module.

If you’re thinking of adding graphics to your printables, Suzi shares 3 different places on where you can source graphics.

Suzi gives an overview on Powerpoint, Canva and Google Slides – plus a bonus lesson on PPT printables.

But my favorite lesson on this module is how to create a good freebie and how to promote them. You basically learn:

  • Checklist of a good freebie
  • How to find popular ideas
  • How to find inspiration to make them pretty
  • Simple checklist to create printables with Google Slides
  • How to set up sign up box
  • Where/how to promote printables on your blog
  • Other ways to promote them

Every single module and videos are in-depth and the whole course is extremely easy to be digested and implemented. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Who Is Printables by Number For

Even though printables can be done and sold by anyone, to be honest with you, this Printables by Number course will be more suited towards bloggers/ users with a website.

Simply because Suzi (and John!) goes more in-depth on how to sell printables (the tech side) on a blog or a website instead of Etsy and other platforms.

That said, she does have a masterclass video on how you can actually sell your printables with Etsy.

  • If you’re a new blogger, this can be huge to get more email subscribers and get some income coming in instead of waiting to create that big online course or getting big traffic to qualify for Mediavine. Take it from me, you will definitely love getting at least some income coming in while slowly building your traffic.
  • If you’re an intermediate or advanced blogger, this is still something that you can do as an upsell or a down-sell to any of your digital products. Take Suzi herself, she earns more than $100,000/month and she still sells printables!

So what if you don’t have a blog? Does that mean you should pass on this course? NOPE.

You can still learn valuable and in-depth lessons on how to create beautiful printables for a very good price. And once you’ve done that, you can sell them on Etsy and learn how to optimize by watching multiple free content on YouTube.

Here’s one video I’ve gone through to sell on Etsy that I think you’ll love too.

And this is just one video on how to sell on Etsy – there are tons more on YouTube!

How Much Can You Make Selling Printables?

The sky’s the limit! You can earn from $100/month to $10,000/month or even more – Sarah Titus made almost $14Mil in 3 years.

In any type of work that you do, you’re the owner of your mind and body so the more you work on it and improve on the trade, the better you will become and the more riches you will get. I’m currently reading Think and Grow Rich so I’m inspired.

I’ve seen Suzi’s interviews with students who sell printables, making $1,000/month as a beginner and $4,000/month after 6 months. One of the interviews is from this video below:

Now let me also share with you my small wins with printables when I was first starting out.

My Personal Experience With Printables by Number

To give you guys a bit of background, I personally started trying/making printables last year through Suzi’s YouTube video below. It’s free and it’s super detailed.

I managed to create my printables on Canva…. But I secretly hate the printables lol.

I hated how some lines were not aligned and how the colors were not popping out enough to make them prettier. And I know that a part of me just wants to know Suzi’s secrets!

But the real trouble was when I didn’t know how to properly sell those printables on my website.

Knowing how good Suzi is at creating sales funnel (I know this because I bought a lot of her products), I just knew that sooner or later I’ll need to learn from her.

And so… I bought the course.. and I never looked back.

Once I had set up a simple funnel on my website, I went to bed and woke up the next morning with 2 freaking sales!! It hadn’t even been 24 hours!!! It was mindblowing! Yes, 2 sales that had truly made my day!!

printables by number review

I haven’t been actively making more printables since then, because #life and a bad case of burned out. But this year, I now aim to make even more printables and slowly learning how to also sell them on Etsy too 😊

It’s a great way to create another passive income guys!

How Much Does Printables by Number Cost

Printable by Number costs a one-time payment of $97.

You will get all the future updates and uploads, together with the free bonuses included in the course.

In my experience, it’s worth every penny, and more. It’s extremely detailed, beginner friendly and full of templates that you can get inspiration from and create your own.

Comparing to other printables-making courses, Printables by Number is a LOT more affordable for the value that it offers.

If you still want to see some other successful stories for Printables by Number, you can read them here.

What I Like About Printables by Number

  • Extremely detail with a beginner in mind. Each video is packed with so many golden nuggets!
  • Covers every part of making money with printables from creating them, creating mockups for landing pages, creating sales funnels even tracking those sales with the help of Google Analytics!
  • You don’t need to subscribe to any paid or very expensive tools. You can even start creating printables using Google Slides – which is totally free to use.
  • So many bonuses that will help you sell even more!
  • Suzi and John are serious about helping and supporting students – you won’t feel left out.

What I Don’t Like About Printables by Number

I want to give an honest review here despite being a total fan of the course. So if I’m being honest, there is one thing that I wish they had included in the course.

  • I like Thrivecart but they are not the most affordable when you’re just starting out ($495 lifetime). I wish they had a lesson outside of Thrivecart, Shopify, WooCommerce… like SendOwl ($9/month) for beginners to get started before upgrading to Thrivecart.
    • By the way, you can also use Convertkit to sell for free (if you’re already a paid member) – I personally don’t because they haven’t rolled the feature out to my current location.

That said, it’s pretty easy to get started with SendOwl if you’re thinking of starting with them first before you create those awesome funnels 😊

If you do need help with this, comment below and I’ll show you the resource that helped me start from scratch with Sendowl!

Final Thoughts

printables by number review

I personally think that Suzi could definitely charge a lot more for this course – in fact, to all of her courses but she doesn’t. She wants to make them affordable and easily digestable to everyone and that’s just one thing that I totally love about her.

I have seen small wins on creating printables and selling them.

And I will always recommend this easy and passive way to earn some side income. Anyone can do this, even if they are still in school.

The course is affordable, and it won’t break your bank. I’m sure if you take actions after going through the course, after a few days or months (depending on how hard you work for it), the course will definitely pay for itself.

If you do like my review and find it helpful, please share this around so more people will also learn something new every day. 🙂

It will really help me on my blogging journey and knowing that people is actually benefiting from my content.

Also, if you do want to support a fellow blogger and want to get the Printables by Number course, help a sister out and use my affiliate link. I’ll get some commissions at no extra cost to you. That commission will help me to pay for the hosting of this blog 😊

Thanks so much in advance! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below!

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