Does Pinteresting Strategies Still Work in 2021? Here’s My Experiment

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Hey, you my beautiful readers. In today’s post, I thought I’d do a review of a course that I’ve taken in 2020, that has greatly helped me in building traffic to my blog. If you’re thinking of blogging or wanting to grow traffic to your blog, here’s my Pinteresting Strategies review by Carly Campbell.

I haven’t really done a thorough review of any course that I’ve taken other than Wealthy Affiliate so far. And I wanted to do it now so that it’ll help any of you who’s thinking to give blogging a try in 2021.

I’m not sure about you, but I always have a new project that I want to do each year. And if blogging has been in your mind, I hope this review will help you in some way.

So without further ado, let’s get to it! 😊

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Pinterest for Bloggers

If you’re new to blogging, well, Pinterest has been one of the top social media platforms (or search engines) that had been the key for bloggers to get more traffic. It’s definitely more powerful than the normal social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


Because unlike Instagram and Facebook, your pin on Pinterest is going to live there for a long time, instead of being another post on the scroll. So for the past few years, a lot of bloggers have taken advantage of Pinterest to grow their blog traffic.

That’s until 2020 came….. when Pinterest went public as a company and there’s a massive algorithm change on the platform that threw many bloggers off.

That’s kinda a scary thing to know if you’re a new blogger. You’re not really sure whether to spend your energy and time learning Pinterest.

But, thanks to many Pinterest courses out there, there is some guidance for you to get when it comes to finding your way on that platform, even in and past 2020.

And one of them is Pinteresting Strategies.

Founder of Pinteresting Strategies

Pinteresting Strategies is founded by Carly Campbell. She’s a famous mummy blogger who’s been in the blogging scene for quite some time. Her journey of finding her way with Pinterest started when she just had to make her blog work, without spending any more money on a scheduler.

I can honestly relate to this, very much.

best blogging courses-min

Anyway, she took the challenge and finally understood exactly how Pinterest works. I myself can’t imagine how long it took her to get it all figured out – while having kids to manage! Hats off to you Carly!

Since she’d basically figured out how Pinterest works without having to rely on any auto-scheduler, a lot of her friends had asked for some tips. And after a while, she came up with an ebook to teach her friends (at first) how to go about it.

Due to the fact that she’s able to get massive traffic from Pinterest without paying for any auto-scheduler, she’s really famous for her manual-pinning method.

And I personally think this is an absolute gem for all the beginner bloggers out there. Especially when you don’t want to be spending anymore dime trying to make your blog work.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

What’s Inside The Course

One thing I must say is that, I really enjoy Carly’s course because she’s not shy to tell you what’s up. She just tells you exactly how it is and what she’s doing to get to where she’s at now.

But, before you buy any course, you MUST know what’s inside first. So let me give you a breakdown.

I’ll share what’s been updated in 2021 later below.

pinteresting strategies review
1. Welcome!

As you can see from the Welcome tab, Carly will always put any updates on Pinterest there – and trust me, that section has been more important than ever in 2020 onwards because Pinterest has been extremely sensitive as of this year.

If you’re getting this course, that tab will probably the most important for you to check out now and then, just to make sure you’re updated with any new recent proven Pinterest strategies. I know I’ve been on tabs for any changes every month for the past couple of months.

2. First Thing First

I love that Carly put this disclaimer first before getting any of her students to move forward. Because the key points in this chapter, though short, are still powerful and will make or break your Pinterest strategies.

3. Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up

This is where you’ll first be taught how Pinterest works as a user AND as a creator. Don’t miss out on this part, especially if you’re still new on Pinterest.

Carly will also walk you through on setting your profile, as well as rich pin (very important!).

4. Pinterest is About People

Since Carly has been exploring Pinterest manually for years, she knows more than anyone just how Pinterest works – simply because she’s tested more things on Pinterest manually and seen the results, even if it’s only coming after 20 to 40 weeks after.

So again, you really don’t wanna miss on this part!

5. Pinterest is About SEO, too

One thing that is an absolute must on Pinterest and well your blog is to get them both SEO optimized. Though Pinterest SEO is slightly different than a normal SEO, it’s still very important to make sure your pins and content get seen.

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is not only a social media platform, it’s more of a discovery platform or even a search engine. Because users are more likely to be searching on the Search tab and you’d want your pin to get to the top.


This section will tell you just how to do that. 😊

6. Group Boards

With all the massive algorithm changes on Pinterest lately, group board has been one of the things that being deemed to have less importance now.

So, to group board or not to group board? Carly tells it all here.

7. Get Pinning

I guess this is the most important part for many of us – just what exactly is THE best strategy to pin nowadays since there are so many algorithm changes on Pinterest?!

With more people trying to go for manual pinning and ditching Tailwind nowadays, this will be extremely helpful to know exactly the best number of pins to pin daily for both new and established accounts, and basically the best strategy to move forward.

This section is always being updated with new strategies that Carly herself has tested.

8. Final Important Things, and FAQs

There are still a lot of golden nuggets that you can get from this section too such as the Advanced Strategies for 2020. You really don’t want to miss that out.

Also, very important to let you know that Carly doesn’t offer any additional support outside of this course. And this is the reason why she’s been able to offer such an affordable price for this Pinteresting Strategies course.

That being said, a lot of the FAQs she’s written down here have been some of the top questions that many have asked her over the past few years. Go through it and I’m sure you won’t have any problems.

At least I didn’t think I had more to ask her after I’ve finished the course early this year.

9. Bonus Content

As a bonus for being her awesome student, Carly shares FREE pin design templates that you can use on both Canva and PicMonkey 😊

May 2021 Update: In 2021, Carly has updated a few modules and uploaded more lessons for you:

1) Everything Keyword Research – this is a MUST to know when it comes to Pinterest strategies. This is a long-term game and you definitely need to know how to do this to be invincible to the algorithm changes.

2) What We Know About Shop Tags in 2021 – if you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you sure have seen a lot of pins having the “Shop” tags. This is not very good for bloggers and here, Carly shows how to take advantage of this new change.

3) How Long Does it Take to Gain Traction as a New Account? – This is maybe one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to blogging and traffic. And Carly tells all here 🙂

4) FB Mastermind Live – Bonus Video on Long Clicks – if you haven’t subscribed to Carly’s Pin Mastermind yet, you should because Carly spares no secret there. But you will still get a bonus of one of the LIVE sessions that Carly has on the mastermind group here on long clicks.

Who Is This Course For

I actually thought this would only be best for beginners because when I first went through it, I thought due to its price and easy-to-understand content, this would be for new bloggers.

But as I went through it over and over again (again, this is 2021 and I just had to be updated with Pinterest all the time) I realized that this IS the strategy that Carly uses.

And Carly is NOT a new blogger. She’s been in business for years. And she’s doing this.

So this course is NOT only for new bloggers out there, this is for everyone, no matter where you are in your blogging journey.

I’ve been blogging (on this blog) for close to 8 months now and I still go back to her course!

That being said though, as a new blogger, you ought to spend more time on Pinterest to really figure the platform out. Keep producing content, keep creating pins, and keep on implementing and experimenting with the strategy being laid out on the course.

However, this course is NOT for users who are trying to do paid ads with Pinterest and focusing more on the e-com side of Pinterest. This is ONLY best for fellow bloggers.

Pinteresting Strategies Review:
My Personal Experience

When I first started blogging with my first ever website (that I monetize) back in 2017, I was using Pinterest just as an additional social media platform for me to share my content around. I had some training given by a Wealthy Affiliate member and it worked for me – at that time.

But in 2017 Pinterest strategies are so so different than in 2021. As I mentioned, a lot of algorithm changes had taken place. And I knew I had to relearn whatever it is that I know of Pinterest.

I actually went out to enroll in 2 different Pinterest courses. One that’s more affordable and one that’s more expensive. Pinteresting Strategies is the affordable one.

Fast forward 8 months later – I’ve only been going back to only 1 Pinterest course and that’s Pinteresting Strategies. I will tell you about the other course that I took later below.

The reason why I had been going back to this course is that it’s back to basics. I don’t want to be relying on another software or tool to get results. And I want a real definitive answer and strategy. Because when I first started writing this blog (late April 2020), Pinterest had already changed and the old strategy wasn’t working for me. I didn’t get the results that many of the sales pages had promised.

I got frustrated and I went on to really try the new updated strategy from both courses.

Experiment #1

I tried the more expensive one first because well, it’s more expensive so I’d think they have better strategies and answers to the algorithm changes. I’ve tested it for a good 1 month.

pinteresting strategies review

I first had promising results….until it tanked again. And it was almost impossible for me to get the stats back up.

Experiment #2

And then I tried the new strategy from Carly on Pinteresting Strategies – away from any auto-scheduler and this is what happened.

It had the highest link clicks I’ve ever gotten on Pinterest. It went down slightly after but it went back up on its own without me changing any of the strategies – it just fluctuates. BUT it’s growing. 😊

The strategy is simple and can be done and implemented to any beginners out there. If you’re still trying to figure out Pinterest, I really recommend you to try and get Carly’s course because it’s basics that WORK.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Right now starting on May 15th, 2021, you can grab the Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 course at $97 – which is so much more affordable than a lot of Pinterest courses out there. And one that’s still WORTH buying in 2021.

The course had slowly increased in price a few times before because of a few reasons:

  • Carly has always increased the course’s scope. And with the latest Pinteresting Strategies 2.0, Carly has added a few more modules that are extremely important for content creators to know in order to penetrate through Pinterest’s crazy feed.
    • Pin Title Traffic Hacks
    • Pin Design Rules to break
  • Changed from eBook type of course to a hosted online course with frequent updates over every algorithm change.
  • Carly has now included a pin tracker for you to track when you post out your pins so they won’t be overlapped! This is a bonus point to all the Type A people out there 🙂

But no matter, it’s still extremely affordable – and the best part, you WON’T need to commit to another auto-scheduler to have success on Pinterest.

If you were to compare with other Pinterest course, Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 is still much cheaper with perhaps much better value than others. A lot of the other courses are in the $100s range so Carly’s definitely still a steal!

There are some paid tools that Carly has recommended on the course:
Depositphotos $29/mo

To get paid stock photos so that you’ll have unique images on Pinterest. And many big bloggers have agreed that this is important to make sure your pins stand out on the platform. But if you don’t have the means, you can still go on without it.

Take your own photos – that will be even more unique 😊 I’ve personally been using paid stock photos from Canva Pro subscription. It’s a cheaper option but I’ve started seeing a lot of bloggers are also using the same photos as I.

So my next strategy is to actually take my own photos! It’s not that hard, to be honest – just get 1 day out of the month and take as many photos even with the same props but at different angle.

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Subscription $25/mo

This is just an additional subscription with Carly on getting new Pinterest templates every month sent to your inbox and to get access to her private Facebook groups where she does frequent Q+A sessions.

I personally LOVE being on the membership! You can read my full review here on Carly’s Pin subscription!

Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott $79

This is to explore other sources of traffic outside of Pinterest. I have personally gone through this and it’s AMAZING! There are a lot of gems inside this guide. If you want to have a game-changer in your traffic, I would also recommend you getting this actually lol.

You can also check out the mini-guide that Lena has here too – I consumed everything before deciding to get the guide!

Promoted Pins Course $697

This is only if you’re looking to explore paid campaigns on Pinterest.

What I Like About The Course


First and foremost, Carly is not trying to go around the bushes. She will tell you what it is and it’s up to you whether to follow her or not. Even on her landing page, she’s not trying to hard-sell anything on the course. The good word of mouth got her all these students and it works.

Because the course works.


I do think that Carly could definitely charge more on this course but she’s not. She’s making it affordable for people to learn. So really hats off to her.


She shows exactly how she re-creates pins and her pinning schedule for people to follow and see. It’s easy to learn, instead of trying to figure out what exactly to do when you open up Pinterest every morning to get “pinning”.


I love the fact that Carly is diligently updating the course and sharing with us her EXACT pinning strategy. Again, there’s no going around the bushes.


It’s not too complicated. I know some course can be a bit overwhelming when you first started but it’s not the case with this course. Yes, if you’re new, you will get somehow overwhelm with all the new info.

But as you go through the second or third time, it’s definitely a lot more simple than other courses. At the end of the day, you just have to get your basics right. Not about whether or not you’re using another paid tool.

What I Don’t Like About It


I appreciate that Carly has been making the course affordable by not offering any support for the course – but I really wish there is some sort of support or more like a community for the students.

*Note: Carly does have a Facebook group called Blogging Like We Mean It but it’s not solely for her students and not only tackling Pinterest.

Having like minded people, trying to solve Pinterest one day at a time can be motivating and at times I do wish she actually created that space.


Carly is not Type A person whereas I’m the opposite. I like to track things to the T. So when Carly didn’t have a specific schedule on what she pins on which board and on what day, I got to come out with my own brain juice to get the schedule right.

But…. I ended up not tracking them to the T like I intended to do haha! I ended up telling myself to just let it go. It’s not worth my time and I took Carly’s advice instead on how she “managed” her pins.

Carly has included a tracker for you to track your pins in Pinteresting Strategis 2.0!


This is not what I don’t like about the course, but I think a very new blogger might want to have some sort of lessons on how to create pins. There is a lot of info and how-tos for this out there and if you’re one of them, you can find many updated lessons for this on YouTube!

Will You Get The Pinteresting Strategies Course?

I have seen some success with the Pinteresting Strategies course and I will always recommend this course to anyone that wants to get started on Pinterest. It’s affordable, it won’t break your bank and the info is gold.

Now I mentioned just now that I’ve taken a more expensive course and that is the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course by Alex and Lauren from Create&Go. I do very much respect them as I still learn a lot from their blog and other courses but I personally DON’T think it’s worth it to invest in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course especially now in 2021.

Because they were very much focused on Tailwind before (which has been questioned a lot on the usage this year) therefore, they also had to figure out a new strategy. It was pretty easy to build your momentum on Tailwind a couple of years ago but it’s not the same today.

That’s why I think going back to basic is the best way to go about Pinterest at the moment.

>> I could easily recommend you to go with the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course because I’m also an affiliate of them and will earn a higher commission but I want to stay true and really recommend the course that I think is still worth buying to my readers.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think Pinterest is dead. It’s still there and as a new blogger, we can still find ways and find success on the platform.

That being said, I don’t think it’s wise to put all of your efforts only on Pinterest. Try to find other ways to grow your traffic – even if it’s from your own blog. Yes, you can do that! You’ll find more info on the Traffic Transformation Guide.

If you do like my review and find it helpful, please share this around so more people will also learn something new every day.

It will really help me on my blogging journey and knowing that people is actually benefiting from my content.

Also, if you do want to support a fellow blogger and want to get the Pinteresting Strategies course, help a sister out and use my affiliate link. I’ll get some commissions at no extra cost to you. That commission will help me to pay for the hosting of this blog 😊

Thanks so much in advance! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below!

If you find the post helpful, please share it around!

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