Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review: Is Carly Campbell’s Subscription Worth It?

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Hey you my beautiful blog reader, welcome to my Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot review! 🙂

I’m sure some of you have learned that Pinterest has had a massive algorithm change in 2020 and surprised us with another one early this year (2021).

And many (bloggers/influencers) have come up with their own service or courses on how you can tackle all these algorithm changes.

Not exactly tackle, more of survive those changes.

One of the big things with Pinterest at this moment is for bloggers or any content creators to upload only fresh new pins.

That means you won’t be able to repin any of the pins that you have uploaded on Pinterest before – which is a totally new strategy.

If you’re still not sure how to go about this, I really recommend grabbing Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course.

It’s the best and perhaps most affordable Pinterest course out there. You can click here to see my experiment using Pinteresting Strategies.

The main problem that many of us content creators have when Pinterest started to penalize accounts that repin old content is that – we simply don’t have the time to constantly make pins!

I usually take a few hours to make a few good pins for my blog posts.

So I know first hand that I couldn’t possibly keep on creating new pins every single day. It just takes too much time. And I personally don’t think I have that much creative juice in me.

And that struggle brings me to Carly’s Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot subscription!

To be honest, I was pretty hesitant from joining the subscription before because I simply don’t like monthly commitments (personal habit) but I couldn’t be happier to have those pin templates coming into my inbox every month!

Now before I digress too much here, let’s take a look at what is this pinterest template subscription all about.

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What is Pinterest Template Subscription?

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

Pinterest template subscription is when you will get new templates every month that you can use, edit and upload to Pinterest.

It is a big thing right now in 2021 because content creators just don’t have the time to create and upload new pins every single day.

One of the Facebook groups that I’m in for fellow bloggers often has this thread of trying to join forces among other bloggers in contributing pin templates, so that each of them won’t need to create those templates alone.

While this is a pretty good initiative among bloggers, I’d still recommend going for Carly’s pin subscription because of one big reason.

Carly knows what she’s doing.

Which brings me to the next section…

Who Is Carly Campbell?

Carly Campbell has been one of the OG bloggers, getting massive success on Pinterest traffic. With 53,000 followers on Pinterest and more than 10millions monthly views, she sure knows what she’s talking about.

But there’s one specific thing that separates Carly from other big bloggers – Carly manually pins her pins on Pinterest!

(that’s a lot of pins in a sentence..)

Meaning that Carly knows best on what Pinterest likes and doesn’t like.

What pins work best and what doesn’t from her long experience with the platform.

She just knows what pins will stand out on that busy Pinterest feed!

Also for a simple fact that her pins are gorgeous! I know that there’s no possible way that I could come up with all that creative juice for my own pins.

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

I mean, look at those pins! Don’t tell me they don’t scream “click me!”!

Now if you subscribe to her Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot membership, you won’t only get gorgeous pin templates but you’ll also get a few other awesome, worth-every-penny bonuses.

Let’s take a deeper look into what you’ll be getting with the pin subscription.

Inside Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot

First thing first, of course you will be getting new pin templates every month:

  • 5 short pin templates & 5 long pin templates that you can edit on Canva
  • 5 short pin templates & 5 long pin templates that you can edit on Picmonkey

The pins for Canva and Pickmonkey are NOT the same. So if you do use both Canva and Picmonkey, you have even more templates to use! Yay!

These pins are not only for normal blog post type but Carly also includes seasonal pins that are suitable for big holidays.

What if you don’t know how to use Canva or Picmonkey?

Well, no worries because Carly had created a step-by-step tutorials for both platforms so you’ll know how to best edit and use the pins 😊

Now, the other GOLDEN nugget you will get:

Access to Carly Campbell’s Private Mastermind Group
Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

Carly does have a “public” Facebook group that you can join called Blogging Like We Mean It – which I’m also a part of.

Even though Carly does share and help out some bloggers there, it is by no means the same kind of support that you will get for her Pinterest Mastermind Facebook group.

Here are a couple of legit reasons why you need to be a part of this private Facebook group;

  • Direct access to Carly!
    • If you do want Carly to specifically reply, you could tag her on your post and she’ll get back to you.
    • Even if you don’t tag her and just ask a question in that group, Carly can just reply to your question via a video that she can just walk you through the thing that you’re asking step-by-step! I mean, if this is not a VIP support, I don’t know what is!
  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls or Q&A Session
    • Even though it’s called “monthly”, it doesn’t mean that Carly will only get on a call once a month.
    • When there’s a new algorithm change, Carly will hold Q&A or just go livestream to discuss the changes and give you solutions!
    • In early 2021 when there was/is pin-tagging issue going on on Pinterest, Carly went on live almost every week or every other day to discuss on how you can tackle this issue!

I can only think of all the good things from this pin subscription…

But there’s one pressing question that you might have:

Will Pin Template Subscription “Hurt” Your Pinterest Account?

Since it’s not exactly recommended for us to keep on using Canva’s Pinterest templates, what makes it okay for us to use Carly’s Pinterest templates, right?

I mean, at least that was what I was wondering before joining the subscription.

Well, the thing this, Canva has 30 million active users while Carly’s pin subscription only has 910 members as of writing (based on her Facebook Mastermind Group).

The number of people that will be using the same templates will be minuscule to the amount of content that is uploaded daily to Pinterest.

Plus, even though you do get the pin templates from Carly, that doesn’t mean you can’t change anything on the template!

Carly does encourage you to change and play with the pin templates (which Carly provides a video for) so that those pins will be unique to your content and your website/brand!

Who Is This Pin Subscription For?

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

The pin subscription will be more suitable for bloggers who already have at least more than 15 posts up on their website, and planning to be actively blogging.

This might not be the subscription for you, if you’re a total newbie when it comes to blogging because there are other more important things that you need to focus on when you’re just starting out like publishing more content, getting your website design up, creating a freebie for your email marketing, etc.

Once you have gotten the basics of blogging okay and want to focus more on traffic, then this pin subscription will be good for you.

You will cut time from creating pins to writing more meaningful content!

If you’re an intermediate and advanced blogger, this pin subscription is definitely something that you will need to consider.

My Personal Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

This won’t be a personal review if I don’t share my own personal experience using the pin templates from Carly!

I started subscribing late December 2020 and had started using Carly’s pin on January 2021 onwards.

When I first started using Carly’s pin templates, here are a few things that I noticed:

  • It’s much easier for my pins to reach hundreds of impressions in a matter of day(s) – it used to be much longer – my account is still tiny.
  • The CTR (click through rate) of my pins are much higher than before from 1.25% CTR on average to 3% on average – which is a lot of improvement!

My account was on a roll till end of January 2021 before the product-tagging algorithm came in…

New Algorithm Change

Since my pins mostly have piggy bank or money jar pictures on them, somehow Pinterest took that as another variation of “vase”.

Yes, vase. Like gardening vase.…..

It shook my whole account and it was pretty bad that it would require much of my time to salvage them. Carly taught us on how to fix those affected pins – but my hands were totally full of other things…

That I totally ignored the whole algo change LOL!

I kinda threw in the towel to be honest. I rarely pin to my account, only a few times or a couple of times a week and it went on throughout February.

Until, many bloggers on Carly’s Facebook Mastermind mentioned that they are no longer affected by the product-tagging issue.

And my world lit up again!

I went to check my account and yup, many of them (the ones I checked) are no longer affected!

So I started pinning them again, only 1 pin each day using Carly’s pin templates and it’s slowly going up again.

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot Review

I’m a bit more hopeful with how the trend is going. Hopefully Pinterest won’t have any more surprises for us – though I can feel the next one is coming soon…

That said, a few things we all can learn from my journey here:
  • Good pin templates get CLICKS!
  • Algo changes suck. But Carly & other bloggers will help to tell you when it’s happening, what you can do, and when it has stopped. It’s up to you on what you want to do with that info.
  • Consistent pinning works – even if it’s only 1 pin a day.

Even though my journey is not exactly the mind-blowing one where I suddenly get millions of clicks, this is what the majority of bloggers face.

We all win some and lose some when these changes take place on our traffic platforms.

But what I truly know and believe with Pinterest right now is that:
  • Manual pinning wins. (Check out my Pinteresting Strategies review here)
  • Carly’s new Pinterest strategies on Pinteresting Strategies work – that actually led me to create a whole new and far better account on Pinterest!
  • Good pin templates get clicks a lot faster. It used to take me a while to see clicks coming in from my pins but not anymore.

Pinterest still works.

But I don’t think a lot of us need to pour our energy and time to understand what’s going on there. That’s what Carly is going to help us with.

I much prefer to pay for the subscription, get everything sorted out for my Pinterest, and only spend minimum hours on it than spending hours trying to figure out the whole platform and creating the pins by myself.

That brings me to the next part.

How Much Does Carly Campbell’s Pin Subscription Cost?

Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot now costs $25 per month.

You can get 20% discount when you subscribe for 3 months at a time which is only $60 per quarter.

It used to cost $15 a month when I first joined but with that many value you’ll get from the subscription, Carly ought to increase the price.

I know there are a lot of other more expensive subscriptions giving a lot less than what Carly is offering.

Refund Policy

There’s also refund policy that you can take advantage of if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

  • You can cancel at any time
  • Refund is only available within the first 7 days, limited to only one time.
Is It Better Than Hiring A VA?

If you have the means, by all means, go ahead and hire a Pinterest VA.

But if you do have your own Pinterest strategies and you just need someone to help create those pins for you, you might be better of getting this subscription from Carly because you’ll get to save a lot!

With the subscription, you’re only paying $25 a month.

With a Pinterest VA, you’ll be paying about $1,000 a month.

You basically save $975 every month!

Final Thoughts

There isn’t anything that I don’t like about the pin subscription with Carly to be honest.

I feel like the value that you will get from being in the private Facebook group is priceless – and if you join today, you’ll get all the previous videos and lessons that Carly had uploaded before too!

If you do like my review and find it helpful, please share this around so more people will also learn something new every day. It will really help me on my blogging journey and knowing that people is actually benefiting from my content! 🙂

Also, if you do want to support a fellow blogger and want to join Pinteresting Pins on Autopilot, please help a sister out and use the button below with my affiliate link.

I’ll get some commissions at no extra cost to you. That commission will help me to pay for the hosting of this blog 😊

If you have any question, feel free to drop them below!

Thanks and till my next post!

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