10 Best Personal Finance Board Games To Give This Holiday Season

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If you want to do something entertaining and fun but also learn some great personal finance lessons, I suggest you go for personal finance board games!

These board games are a great way to bond with friends and family while also learning more about the subject of personal finance. These games don’t just entertain adults but it also helps kids to start learning about money at a young age.

If you want kids and young adults to learn the different concepts of money, you NEED to be creative in doing so.

When you’re creative when teaching those things, it will make them understand better and retain that info for a longer time. And what better way to teach them by playing board games!

Continue reading down below to see the best personal finance board games that you can play with your friends and family!


10 Best Personal Finance Board Games To Give This Holiday Season

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There are tons of games that can be played by kids on phones and computers but the thing is, most of those games don’t prepare them for the real world.

Those games don’t teach them about the importance of money and personal finance.

So it’s always a good decision to encourage them to have a balance of playing competitive games and games that teach them about money.

Also, because there’s no other place they will be learning about the importance of money management. Especially not in school.

So the boardgames below are a great avenue for them to learn more about it. It teaches all the subtopics under personal finance!


1. Cashflow

Price: $77.90
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Cashflow is a game created by Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the author of many financial books including the classic, Rich Dad Poor Dad!

Robert has designed the game in a way to make the players learn the lessons that were taught in the Rich Dad Poor Dad book but this time the lessons are learned interactively! The game utilizes the concepts behind investing, real estate, and building a business.

The games test your knowledge of personal finance while at the same time improving it as you play the game. It makes you try out different strategies that can be used in real life! What’s great is you’re able to test out these strategies without losing real money! 

In this game, players get to learn more about their personal finance habits and will be able to see their friend’s and family’s styles as well.

It shows whether a person is risk-averse or is down to take on any risk presented. Players will be able to see who’s more conservative with their money and who spends more than they earn!

Overall, Cashflow is a good and excellent game that can be both entertaining and full of financial lessons!

2. The Game Of Life

Price: $19.90
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This board game was available for the public in 1860 by Milton Bradley. Throughout the years it has seen many revisions but the concept and fun of it still remain!

Just like any financial board game, the objective of The Game Of Life is to be the player that has the most money at the end. It somewhat mimics real-life scenarios because the game lets the players choose careers, experience payday, buy property, be married, and have a family.

It’s a fun game to play because it includes all the ups and downs of life. Sometimes in the game, you can even have a lawsuit against you and you need to pay the other player! You can also borrow from a bank to pay off other players when needed!

The Game Of Life makes children and young adults know what are the wise financial decisions and what are the things to avoid.

It makes them realize what are the things that give them money and what are the ones who take money out of their accounts.

The game also introduces the players to taxes, mortgages, loans, effects of education, and career choice! It is indeed the game of life!


3. Payday

Price: $19.90
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Payday can be a quick game to play especially if you only pick a small number of months. Instead of a circular moving fashion like the other board games, Payday movements are the same as a calendar. 

The different options in this game allow the players to strategize against others to be the one who has the greater amount of money at the end of the game. But to win doesn’t lie on strategies alone like Monopoly and The Game of Life.

In this board game, the luck of rolling a number on the dice plays a major role.

Regardless, this game teaches basic money management, the importance of earning money and saving it. While playing, kids can understand how a loan works which makes them exposed to the concept of it at a young age. Which I think is very important since getting into too much debt is one of the major financial pitfalls that they can fall into as they grow old.


4. Monopoly

Price: $33.00
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

We all know this game and most of us have played this at some point in our lives.

The game teaches young players why buying properties is a good investment to have. The more properties you have in the game, the more money you’ll receive if the other players land on your property. That’s when players realize the concept of investing in real estate might be a good idea – with a proper strategy, of course.

Not only that, but it also allows players to borrow from the bank, what it’s like to pay a mortgage, and collect rent. Monopoly is a balance of saving money and spending money on investments. Too much money on investments might leave you cashless when you need to pay other players. This will make you sell a property or borrow from a bank.

Strategy and money management is the name of the game in Monopoly.

The game has seen many revisions throughout the years as well. But still, it’s a classic board game to have at the house!


5. Act Your Wage

Price: $28.08
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This board game is created by the financial author Dave Ramsey. He’s the author of the book The Total Money Makeover and the host of the Dave Ramsey Show wherein he talks about different financial topics that help his listeners be in a better financial position.

Act Your Wage is a game wherein you can apply what Dave Ramsey taught in his book above. The players here earn salaries, pay bills, save money, and pay down debts. It’s much like the scenarios we have in life!

The players – whether kids or adults will know the importance of budgeting and the satisfying feeling of being debt-free!

Other than learning different money strategies, the game also includes some wisdom and advice from the man himself!

This game is a great board game to simulate real-life scenarios and you can test out different strategies on which works best for you! 


6. Hot Company

Hot Company | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


Price: $13.00
Where To Buy: Ebay
Rating: n/a

The players each have a company and the first one to earn $100,000 wins! The game is played by moving through the path and following the instructions laid out on the designated squares.

The players, especially the young ones, get to “experience” what it’s like to be the boss and run their own company. Which is a great lesson to teach kids and young adults since as they grow older, there will be opportunities for them to lead.

Other than the game teaching how to be a leader, one of the important lessons that it gives would be learning about problem-solving. Every leader and business owner will face a problem and it’s often put on their backs for them to solve!

This will teach the kids a taste of reality since they too will experience problems that they need to solve in the future!


7. I’m The Boss

Price: $52.50
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

This is a board game that develops skills of negotiation and deal-making. It’s an exciting game to play with friends and family since some action cards permit other players to dwell on other deals and mess up the current one!

The way I see it, the game teaches two important concepts that are needed in life and business:

First, it teaches the importance of business management. As a business owner, you want every decision you make is for the betterment of your business. You need to make decisions that will help your business grow and expand. 

The second concept that it teaches is negotiation. Which I think is a very important skill to have as you grow older. You’ll have to negotiate with your friends, families, and even in jobs! If you just keep on accepting deals that don’t benefit you in any way, you’ll find yourself in a bad position. That’s why negotiating is an important concept to learn because we basically use it every day!


8. The Entrepreneur Game

Price: $49.99
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars

This is a board game that teaches a ton of finance lessons! Some of which are entrepreneurship, investing, marketing, budgeting, and negotiating!

With the lessons that it gives out to the players, it’s the world’s first STEM accredited educational entrepreneur board game!

The game uses real-life scenarios that make the players feel what it’s like to be an entrepreneur! Players here will utilize and learn more about negotiating skills, idea creation, and the importance of building partnerships! Which are all skills displayed by a successful entrepreneur.

Other than those things, the game makes players be really engaged since it needs problem-solving, communication, goal setting, and risk-taking.

All of which are needed at some point in our lives as well.

This is a great game to play with kids and teens so they’ll learn more about different concepts and ideas that revolve around entrepreneurship!


9. Managing My Allowance

Price: $29.99
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

This game teaches players how to be smart with money to achieve their goals. The winner of this game is the one who saves the most for their college fund! 

Throughout the game, players will be given real-life scenarios wherein they need to spend their money. If you have kids playing the game, then it will be a great “money experience” for them. They’ll be handling bills and coins and they’ll also learn that if they want an item or do something, they’ll have to spend their money. 

As for older kids, they’ll realize how important budgeting money is. If their desire is to win the game, they need to make good financial decisions to have the most money in the end!

The game offers rewards for players who saved, made thoughtful decisions, and was accurate. It also teaches recording financial transactions and taking advantage of sales.

It’s a fun and great game that teaches the basic concepts of math and personal finance.


10. Catan

Price: $55.00
Where To Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5

In this game, players are settlers that are trying to build their holdings while developing resources and trading. It’s a strategic board game that’s quite different from other games above because it doesn’t let you collect money.

Instead, you win by building and acquiring resources! Players will build settlements, and upgrading them to cities. The goal is to get 10 “victory points” before the other players. 

So what does this game teach about personal finance?

Well in order to see the lessons behind it, you need to understand that for people to get what they need before, money was not the mode of transaction, it was trading goods and resources.

So the way you manage your resources and carefully using them is like how you treat your savings account. You don’t just waste them on things you don’t need! 

It’s a great board game to have because it puts you in the older times where the concept of money was not yet invented. The game also teaches the skills of decision making, negotiation, managing resources, and critical thinking. All of which are important skills to have no matter your age!


Making Personal Finance Fun

There are different ways on how to teach personal finance to people. Some go for a classroom setting, an online course, or through a movie. But I really think board games are the way to go especially when you’re trying to teach this concept to kids!

Board games make players of all ages be engaged while having fun.

And when players are having fun, the concepts within the game will seem natural and what’s natural will become something that’s easy to learn!

These board games aren’t made for entertainment purposes only, they’re also created to teach lessons to players & they stood the test of time and have gone through several editions because they’re a great avenue of teaching financial concepts.

Some are used in schools and at home. These games are popular for a reason!


Why Is It Important To Teach Personal Finance?

It’s because of the simple fact that money is almost involved in everything.

If we don’t know how to handle it, we might live a life of slaving for money just to get by and pay debts. And no one wants to live that way.

Just take this article from CNBC for example. They wrote that 47% of Americans are carrying credit card debt! 23% of that data came from credit card transactions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To add to that, in the previous months, America’s unemployment rate was at an all-time high. Millions have lost their job and still have debts to pay! Where will they now get the money to feed themselves or their families?

That’s when personal finance comes in handy.

The concepts taught here are life-saving ideas that will help any person when the going gets rough. This topic teaches you the importance of having an emergency fund, living frugally, having investments, and more importantly have savings.

Knowing different concepts of personal finance will lessen the risk of the person falling into debts and financial mistakes.

We all know that some of these financial mistakes can become costly and stressful. So avoiding these things will make you live a healthy, happy, and secure life!


Know More About Personal Finance

If you want to learn more about personal finance, this blog is an excellent starting point! I’m an avid fan of personal finance and I’ve created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing what I’ve learned about the topic.

I’ve learned from different authors, read several articles, watched different videos, and most importantly applied the lessons to my life! And it’s all because of those learnings that made me increase my savings and have passive income monthly!

So if you do want to know more about personal finance, explore this blog – it’s filled with life and financial lessons! 😀




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