How 6 People Make $10,000 A Month Online With 1 Program

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If you’ve been like me, trying to find a proven or the real way of making money online, I’m pretty sure you’ve gone to reading a lot of different articles showing proven techniques to make money online.

I honestly have read TOO many that it’s just hard to keep up.

And I’ll be honest – at times I do have shiny object syndrome.

& I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

But I think at this time with so many innovations and opportunities for you to be making money online, you HAVE to be focused.

It’s very easy for us to get swayed with the next new ideas to make money online and get that extra income.

But the fact is, you CAN’T do everything, at the same time. Not even the same year. Not when you want to see real, successful results.

You need AT LEAST a year to put on the grind to see real results.

And that’s the cold truth.


How 6 People Make $10,000 A Month Online With 1 Program

How 6 People Make Money ($10,000 A Month) Online With 1 Program.


Now, let me just give you a picture..

..of how my life was trying to make money so far, online as well as offline.

I’ve worked as a promoter, an Uber driver, a makeup artist, a mystery shopper just before I got a real corporate job as a digital marketer.

And even with the corporate job, I’ve jumped from one company to another because of the cash opportunity with the newer company.

I ALWAYS try to find something that will give me money. Some can say I’m obsessed but I’d say I just want to be comfortable.

See, the thing is, a lot of the things that I make money of before aren’t exactly done with the long term goal in mind.

  • Promoter – a part-time job with only 1 off day a week.
  • Uber driver – a part-time gig that can only be done when I have extra time.
  • Makeup artist – can be a permanent gig but due to my scoliosis, my back hurts A LOT for standing up and bending down the whole day. I can’t be doing this as a full-time job.
  • Mystery shopper – only when there’s a project.
  • Corporate job – I was losing my mind because I was clocking in 70+ hours/week, plus the stress that it brought me weren’t something I’m up to for the long run.

With this, I know that I gotta find something, just ONE thing to focus on, work on it, and avoid having shiny object syndrome.

AT LEAST for 1 whole year.

And if you’re currently in the same shoe, you want to find something that a lot of people have been having success with.

Preferably with 1 program (ONLY one) and the program needs to prove its effectiveness with real testimonials AND the number of years in operation.

I’ll tell you why below.


2 Factors That You Need To Look Out For:


1. Real, Successful Testimonials

I want to make sure that there are legit opportunities for me to also make money.

And I will search for the success stores given by complete beginners.

This way I know that no matter how novice I am in that certain area, I will still be able to succeed.

2. Number Of Years In Operation

This is something I’ve learned when I got scammed the first 2 times buying a course on how to generate income online.

After failing the course, I looked closely inside the company and realized that they haven’t been around for a long time. Their trick is to open a course (at times, the course is not even written by them! Yes, this CAN happen) and selling them for a few months before shutting down after they get a lot of refunds or complaints.

So if you are looking for a program that you really want to invest in, I’d advise you to really look closely towards these 2 factors.


NOW, I have found the 1 program that works for me..


And that is Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate review-min

If you want to read my full review of them (the good and bad), you can read more here.

In this post, I just want to focus on the 2 factors and how others have found success in Wealthy Affiliate so far.


1. Success Stories

It’s easy to find testimonials of people earning a lot from a program.

BUT you gotta really dig deeper on whether they are someone who has been doing that particular thing for a long time.

Let me give you an example.

If someone has known a lot about affiliate marketing and been doing it for the last 5 years and gave a testimonial to a NEW affiliate marketing program saying that it works – will you trust them?

I’m not saying I don’t.

But I’d prefer to find testimonials from a complete newbie so that I know it’s the exact program that the newbie took to find success and the probability of me achieving the same success is higher.

At times, I’m not looking for testimonials where people are making 100,000/mo. Simply those who are making an additional 500/mo and growing it to a few thousand a month.


So I know that they are not a get rich quick scheme 😊


Here are some of the success stories from newbies with Wealthy Affiliate:

These are small wins – but to me, this is what matters most. Especially when you’re just starting out.

But, that being said, I’m also looking for testimonials from users who have been working on Wealthy Affiliate for years. I want to know what kind of success I’ll be getting if I put in 2 to 3 years’ worth of grind.

Where will it get me?


Here are testimonials from those who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than 3 years:


1. 4 Year WAnniversary & $100K+ Earned Online!

make 10000 online 1-min

You can read the whole post here.


Littlemama or Grace has been one of the top members in Wealthy Affiliate and it’s inspiring because she’s just a stay-at-home mum YET she’s earning more income than me!

She’s been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than 4 years and if you follow her blog, she was just a newbie who follows the teaching of Wealthy Affiliate religiously and has been awarded the Super Affiliate title – which Wealthy Affiliate brought her to Vegas to celebrate! 🥳


2. My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018

make 10000 online 2-min

You can read the whole post here.


Eddy has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2007 – that’s more than 13 years ago!! Now, you gotta wonder what makes him stuck through with Wealthy Affiliate for that long if it’s not because it works.

The most mind-blowing part is that Eddy has been doing this PART-TIME.

This means that you don’t need to quit your job to find success online and it’s totally feasible to do this alongside your 9-5.

I sure won’t mind earning an extra 100k/mo on top of my regular pay. 😉


3. Officially a Six Figure Business – 2018 Year End Report

make 10000 online 3-min

You can read the whole post here.


One thing I like about Ralph was that he used to be in 30k debt before joining Wealthy Affiliate and was happy earning an extra 2k/mo. Now, he’s earning 5 figures a month on the side and that’s amazing!

And he’s been with WA for more than 4 years now.

For someone to be that heavily in debt and still paying for a membership to Wealthy Affiliate – that speaks something!


4. 5 Years On, I Reached My *Ecstatic* Income Goal! (2x $1.2K Days)

make 10000 online 4-min

You can read the whole post here.


Simon started about 8 years ago and was super happy to just be earning $1/day and now he’s making 1000X that!

He used to work in a call center and now happily doing his mission in Thailand 😊


5. WA Helps Me Make 5 Figure Income in 2019!

You can read the whole post here.


I honestly LOVE Florence’s story because this proves that anybody can be making it online. Contrary to Grace, who’s a stay-at-home mum, Florence was a C-level executive in a company in Malaysia who has decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

And now with the extra 5 figure income online, the sky’s the limit for her to achieve success!


6. 4 Years At Wealthy Affiliate: What A Ride!

You can read the whole post here.


Okay, Dylan has been someone that I look up to in Wealthy Affiliate because his training and ideas are genius!

He has been with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years and has been crushing it every time! He first started not knowing anything about affiliate marketing and now comfortably making thousands a month from the teachings on Wealthy Affiliate. 💪


But What’s So Special About Wealthy Affiliate?

One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is that it’s unique. Everything is there on the platform – unlike any other courses out there – trust me.

You can just login to ONE platform to learn lessons, edit your website, AND communicate with the members.

If you want to know more about the platform, again, you can read my full review here.


2. Years In Operation

Now, let’s talk about how many years has Wealthy Affiliate been in operation.

Kyle (one of the co-founders) actually started to find ways to make money online over 2 decades ago.

He started way ahead of any of us BUT that also meant he went through A LOT more than us.

He needed a month just to build a website comparing to us now – taking only a few minutes to get everything ready!

He made money after a few months starting out and has been having great success on his affiliate business and he wanted to also share the opportunity to the rest of us.

Then comes Wealthy Affiliate, which he founded with Carson.


Wealthy Affiliate Was First Founded 15 years Ago

15 years, compared to a few months of other affiliate marketing courses.

And they have over 1 million members.

These guys have been around long enough and have that many students. It’s definitely one of the things that made me have faith and trust in them.


One of the questions that popped into my head after I knew that they have been around for 15 years was the lessons!

Cause I don’t wanna be learning things that work out 15 years ago.

I wanna know what’s the current strategy NOW. In 2020.

So I signed up for their FREE account. Yes, they do have a free account that you can keep for a lifetime.

I primarily signed up because I want to know how up to date their lessons are and to have a feel of their platform.

I’m not sure how to explain it, you gotta try by yourself.

Don’t worry it’s free and no credit card details required.

You can click here to sign up for the free account.


Will You Take The Plunge?

Now before you decide on anything, let me just summarize everything in a nutshell 😉

In order for you to really grind and make money online,

FIRST – you have to avoid shiny object syndrome. Just stop looking at other opportunities and buying a lot of different courses. I know it’s hard but TRY.

SECOND – anything that’s worth doing and having doesn’t come easy. You need to put on the work. And your success will depend on the work you put in. Again, your success depends on how much grind you’re willing to put in.

THIRD – follow 1 course, 1 guru, and follow them religiously. Really absorb what they are trying to teach you and APPLY.


My Final Thought To Make $10,000 A Month Online

If you’re still not convinced, I’d really encourage you to try signing up for free on Wealthy Affiliate and see it for yourself.

I see the value of the platform but not everyone will be on the same page as I.

So I’d encourage you to take a look and if it’s not for you, you can definitely walk away (again, no credit card details required).

I honestly don’t think many courses out there actually let you into the platform before paying anything. So take this advantage! 😊

If you do have any questions, as always, leave them in the comment section below & I’ll get to it!

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