Unbiased Launch Your Blog Biz Review: Here’s What You Need To Know

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launch your blog biz review

Hey you, my awesome blossom blog reader! In today’s post, I want to give a review of a blogging course that I have taken some time in mid-2020. If you’re thinking of blogging and in search of a reputable course, well I hope this Launch Your Blog Biz review will help you make a decision.

This review will be my 3rd blogging-related product review. If you want to read the others, you can click on below:

Now, before I go on with the Launch Your Blog Biz review I do want to share a little bit of my story on how I started blogging.

This is so you’ll know why I like or don’t like this course in particular.

I’ve started blogging well back when I was in high school – but I of course didn’t know I could monetize or do anything other than ranting on my blog. I only took blogging seriously in 2018.

I first created a yoga blog (that I still have till today) in mid-2018 and I earn from ad revenue as well as affiliate marketing. I did take a course to learn and create that blog. And that course helped me a lot as a total newbie – Wealthy Affiliate.

But one thing you should know now, there isn’t one perfect course for blogging.

A lot of them are good. But not perfect.

You will find some courses that have strength in certain areas while lacking in others.

The same goes for the first course I took (Wealthy Affiliate). It did help me in a lot of ways but there was a component of blogging that was missing. Thus me buying another blogging course which is Launch your Blog Biz.

Even though the Launch Your Blog Biz course did help me in certain areas, I do think it’s still lacking a lot of things, despite the high price tag.

And I’m going to write a very unbiased Launch your Blog Biz review EVEN THOUGH I’m an affiliate of their product.


Course: Launch Your Blog Biz from Create&Go
Price: $297
Founders: Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus
Rating: 45/100

What Is Launch your Blog Biz?

best blogging courses

Launch Your Blog Biz course is a beginner level blogging course done for anyone who inspires to start their blogging business. I believe this is similar if not the exact steps that Alex & Lauren took when they first created their successful blog, Avocadu.

I am going to emphasize that this is for beginner bloggers.

If you have created a blog before, you MIGHT want to pass on this course. But I’ll talk more about it on the exact reason why I still bought the course. Even though I already knew how to create blogs from scratch.

The course is being taught on Teachable with videos and slides given to the students. If you’re someone who likes to read the transcript, I believe there’s none in the course.

The videos on each section are not that long, maybe 10 minutes or so. So it’s still doable to go through each section fast.

Other than the normal blogging stuff, they also have a video of getting honest with the students. More on their journey of blogging – where not everything is rainbow and sunshine.

Which a lot of bloggers need to know before making the jump and quit their jobs just for blogging.

Is Create & Go Legit? Meet The Founders

launch your blog biz review

The creators of the course are Alex & Lauren.

They are very famous in the blogging-sphere because they have produced 2 very successful blogs – Avocadu & Create and Go.

The most amazing thing about their success is probably on the fact that they have managed to get six-figure income from their blogs every, single, month.

Now a lot of bloggers are six-figure bloggers.

But many are six-figure on annual income. So getting $100,000+ a month is definitely something. And something most of us will be curious about on how to get the same kind of results.

If you never heard of Avocadu, it’s their second blog (I believe) that they have created in the health & fitness niche. It’s so successful that they create Create&Go to further teach people how they have managed to make Avocadu so successful.

Anyway, even though they are teaching people about their blogging journey, and even though we would like to get the same kind of results – it will not be easy.

Who Is This Course For?

Now I’ve mentioned earlier that this course is really for beginners.

I do see some students ranting on the Facebook group (dedicated to Create & Go students) saying that the course is very basic and not enough meat for the price.

Again, if you do know how to create blogs and have some basic ideas on how to create content etc, you probably want to pass on this course.


This is THE reason why I grabbed this course:

Unless you want to learn more on the email marketing sequence that Alex & Lauren had used in order for them to have that kind of income.

Before I took the course, I… didn’t know much or anything at all on email marketing. I stayed away from this for so long even though I knew the importance of having one.

So if you’re in the same shoes, you might want to consider getting the course.

Email marketing sequence IS really important and will take a lot of tweaking to get it right. I know this because I’ve seen how many online entrepreneurs (my freelance clients) get it wrong and keep on adjusting their email marketing strategy.

So just having their email sequence blueprint, is something that I was looking for.

Though now that I’ve mingled and networked with other bloggers, I DO think there are others email marketing course that is cheaper to take.

Here’s one from Suzi Whitford List by Number course on email marketing. I’m not an affiliate of Suzi but I do like her simply because she gives out a lot of content for free. And I’ve taken her other courses and I have loved everything about it.

One of them is Printables by Number – this is how I learned to create lead magnets for email marketing (as well as selling printables). Which is not covered in Launch Your Blog Biz course.

Read my full review of Printables by Number here.

What Do You Get With The Course?

You can check out the full sales page of Launch Your Blog Biz here as you’ll be able to see exactly what will be taught under each section.

But in an overview:

  1. Introduction and course objectives
  2. Blogging mindset
  3. Getting started: Hosting, WordPress, & initial setup
  4. Blog Themes and Design
  5. Blog Content Strategy
  6. Email marketing basics
  7. Setting up your email campaign and strategy
  8. Ads and sponsored posts
  9. Basics of affiliate marketing
  10. Creating your affiliate marketing strategy
  11. Finding and selling affiliate products
  12. Blog traffic basics
  13. Pinterest
  14. YouTube
  15. Google
  16. Facebook Groups (creating one)
  17. Skills, hacks, and other blogging resources
  18. The next steps.. Bonus videos from six-figure blogger
  19. Become an affiliate for Create and Go

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

You can finish the whole course probably in a week.

But it’s always good if you go through the whole course first and come back and do one by one. It’s very easy to feel overwhelm when you first start your blog and it’s okay.

Depending on your schedule, you probably could set up the blog in a week but will take a longer time to produce content. If you’re new, you’ll need to get comfortable with writing for SEO and use plugins, etc.

My personal take after creating a lot of blogs LOL is to focus on creating content for SEO first. Forget about designing your website and such.

Just read a lot on SEO content writing (on-page SEO) and start writing in Word doc or Google Docs.

Have about 10 articles then only look at the design and creation of your blog.

A lot of of new bloggers struggle with this and it’s something that is NOT being addressed on Launch Your Blog Biz. One of the cons.

They do have a checklist but it’s not exactly helpful.

I do have it and I’ve pasted it on my wall to remind myself but in the end, I came up with my own checklist.

For this itself, I could say there are other blogging courses that had done a lot better job in guiding their students.

I was very lucky that I had started my blogging journey with Wealthy Affiliate because they have a checklist of what to do on every single section and you can always come back to where you left off.

I just can’t stress enough why this is important.

As a newbie, you will easily get overwhelmed and you will want to have a structure or a priority list.

Another blogging course that has a very detailed and extensive checklist would be Blog by Number by Suzi. I didn’t take the course but I’ve taken her free printables on the blogging checklist to do for every single month. It’s very detailed. I like it. (the link is not an affiliate link, by the way)

Pros of Launch Your Blog Biz

#1: They are honest

I do like the fact that they are honest about the blogging journey. It’s hard. And they have the time to create just a section on the course to teach students on the blogging mindset.

What to expect when you first started blogging and how to get started the right way. It’s not just about being a blogger, but a business owner and a problem solver.

#2: Detailed website design guide

If you are going to go with their suggestion to use the Divi theme, they are going to give a very detailed guide on how to create a homepage and its settings. You can learn how to create almost the same homepage as Avocadu – one of their blogs.

That being said, it’s only useful if and only if you buy the Divi theme at $79/year.

I did buy the theme and I kinda regret it… because it’s slow. I no longer use Divi and now stuck with GeneratePress – which I recommend to all bloggers especially newbies.

#3: Email marketing guide

I do like that they are taking the time to go through email marketing basics and strategy step by step. This is something that I wanted to learn and it completely changed my blogging journey.

However, they are recommending Convertkit (and also the software I use) at $29/month.

If only I knew sooner, I would go with MailerLite first for free and only switch to Convertkit when I’m ready to create my own products or courses – where it will take a lot of segmentation of my subscribers.

#4: Installing ad revenue properly

I didn’t know how to get started with ad revenue properly when I first started – even with my yoga blog. This actually taught me how to choose the ads that I want to insert on my blog.

But I did go back to YouTube back and forth on this because the plugin that they used has changed.

#5: Resource on business structure, finances, and taxes

Not many blogging course actually talk about this and I’m really glad they did include this in the course. There were many questions on this on blogging groups and it’s good to know how to tackle this especially when it comes to tax planning.

Cons of Launch Your Blog Biz

#1: Be prepared to pay more tools

I’m saying this because I came from Wealthy Affiliate where everything is on one platform. Meaning I don’t need to pay additional money for hosting my website or a keyword research tool.

But this disadvantage will be with a lot of other blogging courses out there as well.

#2: Bad priority checklist

As I mentioned before, if you’re a new blogger, you will want to have a proper guideline on what to do first. The checklist that they gave isn’t enough.

Instead of jumping straight to Amazon or affiliate marketing, you will need to learn how to get traffic. And this will be my next point.

#3: Lack of traffic ideas

Alex & Lauren managed to grow their websites through Pinterest. So they are going to emphasize more on Pinterest even over SEO.

Which I think is really weird.

Pinterest is highly unstable, especially now in 2020-2021. You DON’T want to only focus on Pinterest. And it’s unfortunate that the main traffic driver for this course is on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong, they do give an overview of other sources of traffic but it’s really just an overview.

Related: Here’s my go-to guide when it comes to Pinterest in 2021.

#4: No in-depth SEO

They did mention that SEO wasn’t a part of their plan as it’s very competitive to rank in health & fitness niche, thus they focusing on Pinterest.

It’s not a bad strategy… a few years ago. Not in 2021 with Pinterest being unstable.

However, they did share an SEO course that a lot of bloggers love (I haven’t taken it, though I would like to) called Stupid Simple SEO. It’s famous but it’s also pricey. I believe it’s in $300 range.

So if you’re looking to get more info SEO, how to do get easy backlinks etc, unfortunately you’re not getting it with this course.

#5: Facebook group as a way to get traffic

This is actually one of the reasons why I wanted to join the Launch Your Blog Biz course. Because I want to know how to drive traffic to my blog with the EXISTING Facebook groups for bloggers.

It’s not it.

They are teaching how YOU can create your own Facebook group to drive traffic to your blog. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t get how a beginner can get more traffic by creating their own Facebook group when just starting out.

I would recommend to only think of creating your own group once you have a product or big audience to your blog.

Creating one and having to manage it when you first starting out, is not supposed to be your priority.

Is Launch Your Blog Biz Worth It?

I know a lot of other bloggers who love this course.

I’m an affiliate too but to me, personally, I don’t think Launch Your Blog Biz course is worth it. Simply because the price high tag doesn’t justify the pros of this blog.

Don’t get me wrong, this might be THE course for you if you’re a beginner.

But if you’re not exactly a beginner and you’re also not yet on an intermediate level, you might want to pass on this course.

That being said, I don’t mean to bash this course OR Alex & Lauren – I do enjoy going through the course and learn from them.

And again, if you do find the pros worth it, you can check out the Launch Your Blog Biz course here.

My Recommendation

If I’m being really honest, I just don’t think that this course is worth $297.

There are other blogging courses that’s cheaper – I know Blog by Number by Suzi only starts at $47 and if you want to get the whole course, it’s only $97.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate. And if you want to get started to make money and focusing solely on affiliate marketing, I highly recommend checking them out. You can start for free (no credit card details required) and see whether it’s for you.

This might not be the Launch your Blog Biz review you’re looking for, but I just want to give a very honest and unbiased review on them. If you find this review helpful, please share it out. 🙂

I will be writing more blogging-related reviews so check out the space for more or subscribe to my blog!

If you find the post helpful, please share it around!

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