6 Ways On How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

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This post on how to make money blogging for beginners is basically for those who are looking to make some money off blogging but not really sure how to start and how it works.

Blogs can act as an avenue for people to share their passion and find others who were passionate about that topic as well.

Creating blogs isn’t just about sharing knowledge, it can simply just be about sharing your day or your life experience on things.

To take blogging to the next level, people all around the world are actually making money writing blogs. But can making blogs be a cash cow? Can blogging be something that gives you money on the side?

Those are just some of the questions that I’ll be answering below based on personal and others’ experiences 🙂 


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6 Ways On How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

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The first blog published was in 1994 wherein Justin Hall wrote about his thoughts and different websites that he liked. Back then it wasn’t called “blogs” but it was called “online diaries” which made sense since it was indeed like writing in your diary.

I started blogging when I was in high school, it was nothing serious though. I was just writing about different things that I liked or any high school drama that was going on (don’t lie, we’ve all been there!).

It was after graduating college that I made different websites on niches that I was interested in. And I know that’s how many people started as well – writing about different topics that they like.

But as the internet evolved, so did its capabilities which affected many things under it.

Blogging became something that was and still utilized by business owners and companies. From an online diary to a marketing tool.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging can still act as an online diary but unlike before, you can now monetize that diary!

But you can’t monetize your blog immediately, there are many things that you should consider first – just like the ones below:


1. Choosing A Niche

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When choosing a niche, it should be something that you like talking about. Because these topics are something that you’re into, that you like and probably passionate about.

This is very important when creating a blog.

If you don’t know much about the topic, it will show on your content. If you lack enthusiasm about it, your content will come out dry and uninteresting. If your content isn’t engaging and interesting, the readers won’t even finish the blog post. 

When choosing a niche, it doesn’t have just to be one topic. It can be several topics under your blog.

But what I make sure to do is to have 1 major niche and the other ones could be supplementary.

Take my blog, for example, it mainly focuses on personal finance but I also have topics about careers, life, and blogging!

Why? Because I love talking about those things too! 

That being said, try to have some sort of connection from one category to the other. If your blog mainly talks about the lose weight journey that you’re currently on and you suddenly talk about your brand new car, that might turn off some of your readers.

If you want an additional read on how to find a profitable niche to write about, here’s a post for you: Finding A Profitable Niche You Love


2. Be Consistent

Consistency Is Key Jessa Bigelow GIF - ConsistencyIsKey JessaBigelow InkMaster GIFs

When you’re starting out, you can write once or twice a month.

But as you start to become more serious about blogging and you’re thinking about monetizing your platform, consistency is part of a successful outcome.

You need to provide consistent quality content to your readers. 

It’s already hard enough to build an audience when writing, it’s going to be harder when your only writing once a month.

Building and maintaining a blog isn’t easy, it requires effort, time, and hard work.


3. Engage With Your Readers

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I can’t stress this enough. Engage with your readers.

As you get more eyes to read your blogs, some of them may put their comments regarding their own experience of the topic you shared. Some will have criticisms, while others will give out praises.

Whatever it is, try your very best to engage with them.

If they took time out of their day to read something you posted, you can dedicate minutes of your day to also respond to them.

When you converse with your audience enough, you’ll have a general idea of who your readers are and what do they want to see in your blogs.

When you talk to them, you don’t just get to know them but they also get to know you better as well. You are building trust with them.

It gives them the opportunity to at least get to know the person who’s writing for them.


Those are the three important things that you should strive to achieve when starting a blog or looking to monetize your blog!

But it doesn’t stop there. To really milk your content and platform, you need to be technical with your approach.

Before we finally talk about the different ways on how to make money blogging, you should understand this topic below. It’s probably the most important factor when it comes to monetizing your blog!


Increase Traffic To Your Website

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Basically what you’ll be reading in this section are general ways on how to get more readers.

Why is traffic important to your blog? Well, imagine your blog as a physical store where people can buy your product. If you don’t have people going into your store, what’s the point of selling something if no one’s checking it out? 

The same thing applies to your blogs. You could have the best content out there but if no one sees it, it’s just a waste of effort.

That’s why professional bloggers don’t just focus on the points above, they also put in the time to increase traffic to their website.


Below are 2 general ways to get more readers to your blog:

a. Promote Your Blog Organically

Share your blog on social media! Tell your family and friends about it! Ask them if they can share it to their social media accounts as well.

That’s a sure way to make people know that you’re running a blog. If you’re lucky, some of them might be interested readers that will turn to loyal ones!

Another approach that’s used by many would be SEO. It’s a strategy used by both big and small companies.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of driving more traffic to a website by making it more visible to different search engines.

If you search a keyword in Google, there will be websites that will rank from the first page to the nth page.

The ones on the first page are usually very SEO-optimized or simply because they’re just a big brand and already have authority in that specific topic.

With proper SEO, independent bloggers can also rank on the first page alongside famous websites.


So how do we do this SEO?

Optimizing Content Andy GIF - OptimizingContent Andy 54321Smite GIFs

Writing about the technicalities of how to do SEO can be a whole ‘nother blog post.

But to put it simply, you’re structuring your blog in a way to make it be “seen” in Google algorithm so you can rank high on Google search.

If you rank high on Google search, the higher the chance that more people will go on your website.

You do those things by focusing on keywords, making sure your website is speed-optimized, creating compelling headlines or titles, answering possible queries of the user, and many more!


b. Paid Advertisement

This is the counterpart of organic advertising. It’s where you pay to get your blog or product advertised. 

Below are popular online advertising strategies that are usually used:
– Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is a marketing strategy wherein the advertiser pays a small fee every time their link is clicked.

 A popular form of PPC would be Google Ads. It’s the links you see above of the webpage when you search for something on Google. They also the word “Ad” beside it. 

To learn the basics of PPC, you can visit WordStream’s article on it!

There are a lot of benefits of running a PPC campaign but the most important one is that you’ll be getting a very targeted audience who are looking for information that you’re sharing 🙂

– Social Media Ads

This is probably one of the most popular paid advertising out there, just because almost everyone is on social media these days!

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter ads allow you to advertise a page or product as long as your post abides by their rules.

It’s so effective because their system makes you choose the specifics of whom you want to target! You can choose the location, the demographic, interests, and behavior!

Social media ads are effective because that’s where attention is.

Almost every person you know has an account of some type to social media apps.

Plus, what do we do when we have free time on our hands? The majority of us will say checking Facebook or scrolling through Instagram!

– Influencer Marketing

Don’t underestimate the “influence” of these influencers.

Most of them have loyal followers that will just buy whatever their idol will promote!

That’s the very reason as to why even big brands go for influencers to market their products.

If you find someone who’s an influencer in your niche and you think they can greatly help your blog, try to contact them.

It’s done by many small to big brands to get traffic to their sites. 🙂


Now that we know how to get more people to read our blogs and drive more traffic to it, it’s time to learn how to make money off it!


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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Clint XMorgan GIF - Affiliate ClintXMorgan Commissions GIFs

Let me write this first since it’s my favorite way to earn money through my blogs 🙂

You make money through affiliate marketing when someone purchases a product using your affiliate link.

Just as the name implies, when you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re connected or an affiliate with a certain company.

It can be any company that you’d like to partner with as long as they have an affiliate program.

Ultimately, affiliate marketers get paid in three ways:

a. Pay per lead

The blogger gets paid if the reader clicks the link and does the required action. 

The main goal of the blogger here is to do her best to make the reader click the affiliate link and do the desired action. That action could be signing up for a free account, subscribing to a newsletter, or writing down their emails.

b. Pay per sale

This is the standard way of how affiliate marketers get paid. The company pays the affiliate if he or she successfully makes the reader click the affiliate link and purchase something. 

Sometimes to entice the readers, the affiliate has a discount when people use her affiliate link to purchase from the company.

Which is a win-win for everyone involved! The company gets a sale, the blogger gets a percentage, the reader gets a discount!

c. Pay per click

This program incentivizes the affiliate when he or she makes the readers click the link to the company’s website.

It’s probably the least complicated structure among the three affiliate programs.


If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing & try your hands on it for FREE, you can create a Free account with Wealthy Affiliate (no credit card required) and just try the free lessons.

That’s how I basically started my journey and I found it EXTREMELY helpful so I always wanna share them out with my readers. You can also read my review of them here on what I like and what I don’t! 🙂


Why I Like Affiliate Marketing

What I love about being an affiliate marketer is that I don’t just get to be a consumer, I get to be a partner as well. 

Plus, I also have the luxury to choose what brands to be partnered with! 🙂

Companies that I partner with are the ones that I really use and have experience with. Doing this makes promoting the product way easier and more genuine.

Being genuine is an important factor in being an affiliate marketer.

You don’t want to be promoting something that can harm your followers and readers. It will just hurt your business.


2. Sponsored Blog Posts

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To some bloggers, this is the best way to monetize their blogs. 

For example, if your blog has authority in the streetwear niche wherein people give value to your opinions, you can contact a local streetwear clothing brand and tell them that you can write a blog post about them.

In return, it’s either they pay you for the exposure, they give you free apparel, or if you’re lucky, they’ll give you both!

It doesn’t even have to be you that’s approaching the brand, sometimes brands contact you.

They will give you a deal and if it’s alright with you, you’ll write a detailed review of their product.

This style of monetization only works if you really have a following in the niche that you’re writing in.


3. Selling Digital Products

Follow My Online Course Stay In School GIF - FollowMyOnlineCourse StayInSchool WelcomeToMyTedTalk GIFs

If you’re a blogger that has skills that are in-demand right now, you can make a course or class and sell them through your blogs.

If you like blogging and you know the ins and outs of it, you can make a course about that skill!

As long as you give value to people, they’re willing to pay money for it.

Your class could be just about anything. It could range from writing non-fiction books, teaching how to cook certain foods, how to lose weight in 30 days, or even teaching how to reorganize your room for more space. You could teach anything you like!

It doesn’t even have to be in video form, you could also sell your ebooks and audiobooks using your blogs!

You can write about your product and talk about what the contents are and how it can help your readers 🙂


4. Have A Paid Newsletter

Simpsons IWish To Subscribe To Your Newsletter GIF - Simpsons IWishToSubscribeToYourNewsletter GIFs

If your blog is up to date with the different strategies, hacks, and new studies in your niche, then you could provide a newsletter that readers pay for, that’s good for a month or a year.

For example, when you read articles coming from the Wall Street Journal, you’ll notice that you only get to read a small portion of the article.

For you to read the whole post, you need to subscribe to a membership account. Which I totally understand since they’re a big authority when it comes to financial and business space.

If you do reach that status, you could do the same thing too 😉


5. Rent Out Space On Your Website

If you bring a ton of traffic to your website and you’re specifically writing in a niche market, big brands and companies in that niche will pay good money to have their ads be posted on the side or top of your website.

There are different payment structures when it comes to ads on your site. Some have deals wherein the company can place their ads on a website and pays “rent” for it every month.

Others have a payment structure where companies pay “rent” for space and also pay the blogger for every click a reader does.

BUT if you’re a new blogger and have little traffic to your blog, the easiest way for you to do this is to go with ad networks. The most famous ad network that you can join with small number of traffic would be Google Adsense 🙂

You get paid per thousand impressions and as you grow your blog’s traffic, so does your payment!


6. Be A Guest Writer

If you have a blog that gets hundreds and thousands of views every month, sometimes a company will reach out to you to have a “guest appearance” on their website.

It doesn’t have to be in person but it can be in the form of writing something. And that post will be published on their website.

You get paid as a guest writer for them. It’s actually again a win-win for both parties. The company gets views from your readers, and you get brand exposure from the company’s readers.


Those are the different ways to make money blogging. There are different ways on how to do it, but all of them have leveraged the fact of having a blog. 

But let me tell you right now, that it’s not as easy as it looks!

You don’t start a blog and immediately have a ton of readers. You don’t write a post and rack up hundreds of comments. It takes time, effort, and research to reach that status.


Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

The answer to that is an astounding YES!

I can attest to that fact because I made money from my blogs already.

Again, if you’d like to get started but not sure on the proper steps to take, I do encourage you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate cause it’s built for beginners in mind!

You’re not losing anything when signing up for the Free account, and it’s free for a lifetime 🙂

It wasn’t easy though but I finally monetized something that I’m really passionate about.

So for your blogs to make money, you need to stay on that grind. Make excellent content, be consistent, think outside the box, optimize your website, and post!

It might be a long journey but it will be worth it! 🙂




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