8 Life-Changing Tips On How To Be Positive In Life

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My goal is not just to achieve financial freedom but I’m also in search of ways to improve my life and be a lot happier.

Although I’m a jolly person, there are days that the world shows the negative side of things. And sadly, there are a lot of people who choose to see the world in a bad light while there are others who are desperate to have a change in perspective.

In this post, I’m not trying to be a guru and command you to follow these things. But I’m merely suggesting that you can try out these ways on how to be positive in life! 

These are things that have worked for me and it might work for you as well 🙂

So if you’re ready to see the world in a different light, continue reading below!

8 Life-Changing Tips On How To Be Positive In Life

lifechanging tips on how to be positive in life


1. Start Your Day Positively

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Every morning, you could start your day by writing a list of things that you’re thankful for.

It’s so easy to take for granted what we have because we see and use it every day.

It’s so easy to complain about different things but there are millions of people who have less than what we have. 

So starting today, maybe you can write a gratitude list. Some of the things that I’m thankful for would be:

  • Having a roof under my head
  • Getting to eat more than 3 times a day
  • My family
  • My experiences
  • My friends
  • My work
  • My health

If you’re grateful for these things too, then you can write them down as well. This always puts me in a more thankful mood when I wake up. I appreciate more the life that I live and worked hard for.

Even Tony Robbins believes that putting yourself in a positive state will help to achieve peak state!

Peak state is a feeling of positivity, focus, and readiness.

He takes time off his day and thinks of three things that he’s grateful for. Doing such activity will put you in a positive state. He mentioned that you can’t feel fear and anger while feeling gratitude at the same time.


2. Choose To See The Positive

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Whether in work or life, there will be situations that will be out of our control. And we have to accept that fact.

Instead, we should focus on what we have control over. And that’s our reaction to those situations. You can always see what’s wrong but what’s right is also there. So choose to see the positive in things.

When I was given multiple tasks by my boss, I could’ve easily complained about why he would give me so many things to do. (A complain that only I can hear of course :p)

But I can also accept the challenge that he gave me because he sees that my skillset can accomplish the tasks with speed and grace!

Another example of things that are beyond your control would be the weather. 

Remember that time when you were supposed to go out that night? but the rain was pouring heavily? And you noticed that this happened twice in a row already. And with that, you considered yourself sooo unlucky! 

Our minds are quick to pick up the negative things and it’s also quick to forget all the good things that have happened to us. So a change of mindset will be a great way to achieve a more positive life!


3. Don’t Let Fear Take Control

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For some people, fear is the commander in their life. And for the majority, fear is the reason as to why they haven’t accomplished their short and long term goals.

When I’ve spent a few years in the corporate world, I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to take control of my time. I wanted to work on my passion.

But fear was always in the way.

That fear was so strong, that I would dismiss my thoughts of quitting my job because it would give me anxiety!

Until I came to terms with myself. I couldn’t stand the fact that I won’t be able to achieve my goals. So what I did was I recognized my fears and wrote it down.

Some of my fears were not having a steady salary and the lack of money. I had fears of failing. And had fears of disappointing myself.

After identifying my fears, I wrote an action plan!

And that’s when I figured out that to overcome a fear of situations, you need to be well prepared.

So again, I wrote down the things that I’ll do to combat those fears. 

For the fear of not having enough money, what I did was to make sure to have an emergency fund and savings before quitting my job. So I did a change of lifestyle, everything was on a budget and I was living a frugal life!

For the fear of not having a steady salary, I studied and researched on how I can make multiple income streams coming in, so I won’t be relying on only 1 source of income.

And lastly, for the fears of failing and disappointing myself, I had to prepare mentally that failing will always be there. And I should be okay with itI could accept failure, but I won’t accept not learning from it! I won’t be disappointed with myself either! I took a challenging path head-on, and gave it my all!

Having an action plan is a good starting point to combat your fears. 

Imagine what you’ll feel 3 to 5 years later if you gave in to your fears. Now imagine what you’ll feel if you took the courage to see what’s on the other side.


4. Stop Comparing

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Comparing your story to others isn’t mentally healthy. It’s a sure way to bring down yourself. 

When I started this blog, I made sure that I won’t compare my website to other blogs within my space. Because I can’t compare someone’s 5th year of writing to my day 1. 

All I was thinking was everyone started from somewhere. These famous blogs were also in my shoes before. They just didn’t give doubt any attention.

And that’s what I’ll do as well. I’ll just focus on my path and help my readers in whatever way I can.

This is one of the best things that you can do right now to boost your happiness. You might say that this person is lucky because she has this, or she has that. But what you don’t know is that the same person wishes to have some of the things you have as well.

People might be happy in their social media accounts but we never know what’s really happening in their lives. Everyone has their own battles. Everyone has their own baggage.

So focus on your own happiness and just give up that habit of comparing 🙂

5. Turn Failures Into Lessons

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You can’t win every time, right? It’s not always bright and sunny days.

We might sometimes fail at work, at life, or at business.  

Rather than just weeping and being sad about it, let’s turn those failures to lessons!

Failing is already given, it’s just part of life. But suffering due to that failure is a choice. We get to choose how we react when we fail.

When I failed multiple tasks at my work or school, I didn’t just give up easily. I went back to the drawing board and thought about different ways of how I could’ve been better. 

A few years ago, I considered myself failing at life. I’m into personal finance but when I had my first big salary, I just spent it on shopping. And the worst thing is, it took me a few months to realize my bad spending habit.

What made me change is that I saw my savings not growing plus I was suddenly in credit card debt – WHAT!

So after realizing this, I was anxious to say the least and started listing down the different ways for me to make some money to pay off all of my credit card debt – including selling my brand new camera…

By the way, I track my money using a spreadsheet

A change of perspective really helped me. It turned me into a problem-solving machine! 


6. Be The Positive Light For Others

We rise by helping others on We Heart It

There’s a quote that says: The secret to living is giving.

And I really believe that. I believe that you’re given an idea, or an experience to share it with others.

I even support the idea that you’ve been given an abundance of blessings whether that’s money or material things so that you can share it with people who need it.

You can even share your time with others. You can be a volunteer in feeding the homeless, you can listen to your colleague’s personal problems. And you can give money to the poor. 

By doing these things, you are creating happiness by making other people happy. 

Remember that your small gesture of kindness can become someone’s miracle.


7. Create A Positive Working Environment

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Since most of us spend more hours at work than in our own homes, it’s only logical that if we want to be happier, we should create a more positive work environment.

And one factor that kills happiness in the workplace would be stress.

When I was still working in the corporate world, my stress came from different sources. From my boss, to my workmates, to even how I handle tasks before. So I thought of different ways to combat stress and made a blog out of it: 10 work hacks to reduce stress from work! 

Another stressor at work can be being unproductive. Nothing gives us more stress than a deadline approaching. So I tried and tested different ways on how to improve productivity at work..

Just like I mentioned earlier, having an action plan is a sure way to combat your fears! And in this case, I wrote two blog posts on how to fight the fear of being stressed out!


8. Be Kind To Yourself

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Being kind to others is a great way to be positive. But never forget the most important person in your life, and that’s you.

Treat yourself once in a while. Dine out to your favorite restaurant, binge watch your favorite series, and have time for your passions.

After a busy day at work, I would find time to meditate. It helps me relax and take my mind off things. I use the application Headspace. It has a lot of free meditation guides even with just a free trial account!

Also, whenever I attain my own little achievements in life, I always celebrate! No matter how small an achievement is, I’ll find a way to have my own mini-celebrations! 


Positivity Is A Choice

In life, we will always be thrown with challenges and problems. We would even experience more failures than success. But it’s because of these difficulties that we feel happy and great when we win, when we overcome challenges and be successful!

Remember, don’t just choose positivity, but also spread positivity! 🙂

Share this post to someone who needs it! Also, let me know in your favorite tip in the comment section!




If you find the post helpful, please share it around!

2 thoughts on “8 Life-Changing Tips On How To Be Positive In Life”

  1. I’m not sure when you wrote this article but all I wanted to say is thank you. I’m truly struggling to change my mindset and have a positive attitude and find the good in the life that I’ve truly taken for granted. Your article magically appeared at the perfect time for me and I can’t thank you enough!

    • Hi Kady, I totally get you. Sometimes life can bring us down and it’s okay not to feel okay. But don’t dwell on it. I suggest starting to list down the things you’re thankful for and you’ll quickly realize how lucky you are to be at where you are now. Take one step at a time and with time, you’ll start being and seeing more positive things in life <3


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