12 Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers This 2020 (Updated)

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Have you seen the amount of traffic that Pinterest can bring to a blog? & have you tried every possible strategy on the and you’re still not getting your desired results? To help you with this problem, I’ve written the best Pinterest courses for bloggers this 2020 🙂

Out of hundreds of courses out there, which one provides value? What courses will help you reach your website goals? And most importantly, which one is the most updated one with Pinterest’s recent algorithm change?

The ones listed below are the highly recommended courses across different blogs and platforms. I’ve consolidated them in a single post for you so you can just choose and start seeing results in no time.

So if you’re ready, then let’s get right to it.

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12 Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers This 2020 (Updated)

Pinterest has been the main driver of traffic for this blog. That’s the platform that I focus on and get most of my website visitors.

But just like any starting blogger, I tried out different social media platforms to test the waters. A series of trials and errors occurred until I finally found a platform that worked for me. 

I could’ve studied the ins and outs of Pinterest myself but it would’ve taken a lot of time and research. So instead of going solo, I learned from bloggers who already successfully gained traffic on Pinterest. 

But in a plethora of Pinterest courses available for everyone, how should we know which ones to enroll in? So before we get into the list, let me share some tips on what to look for in these courses.

a. Determine Your Level Of Expertise

When choosing a course, you need to first determine your level of expertise. Because it will be a waste of money if you enroll in a course that’s for beginners and you’re already on an intermediate level – you wouldn’t get too much value from it.

The same goes when you’re a total beginner and you enroll for advanced courses – you’ll be left guessing what the speaker is talking about.

b. Is The Course Updated

If you’re on this post, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Pinterest’s recent algorithm changes that made havoc for the creators. A lot or almost all strategies that were working a few years ago turned cold and can no longer be used. Therefore, it’s important for you to make sure the course that you are taking is updated with the most recent algorithm changes.

Also, research if you’re going to purchase the course, will you be entitled to receive the updated version of it for free.

c. Check The Reputation

If you’re going to pay for someone that you’ll learn from, it’s only right to research them to see if they know what they’re talking about.

You don’t want to learn from someone who teaches you how to get site traffic yet their website is a ghost town. Or they teach you how to use Pinterest yet their traffic comes mainly from Facebook.

Now to know the “reputation” of the course, you can always search for reviews of it on Google. Always remember that you’re not the first-course taker so take advantage of that fact and read up reviews to have a glimpse of what the course would be like.

So those are the top 3 things that I recommend you look out for before enrolling in a course. These points will help guide you in determining whether the course is fit and perfect for you.

Now let’s get into the best Pinterest courses for bloggers. 🙂

1. Pinteresting Strategies

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Price: $57
Signup Here: Pinteresting Strategies

Pinteresting Strategies is a course by Carly Campbell that teaches you the same Pinterest strategies that she did to have 300k+ page viewers from Pinterest alone. Carly runs the blog MommyOnPurpose wherein she talks about mommy tips, life with kids, life at home, family finances, and how to start a blog.

Pinteresting Strategies differs from the majority of Pinterest courses because of Carly’s unique manual pinning strategies and approaches that don’t use Tailwind AT ALL to schedule pins.

MommyOnPurpose is proof that her strategy works because her website earns five figures a month and gathers hundreds of thousands of monthly website visits.

This course is perfect for anyone who’s looking to increase their website traffic and grow their presence on Pinterest. It’s also a good introductory course for beginners and a refresher course for intermediate takers.

Read here for a more thorough review of this course based on my experiment.

2. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

best blogging courses

Price: $197
Signup Here: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche comes from the six-figure bloggers – Alex and Lauren. They’re the ones behind the blog CreateAndGo. It’s a website that talks about all things blogging – from starting a blog, to picking the layouts, to growing it and eventually make money off it.

It was from CreateAndGo that I learned that I should focus all my efforts on a single (or two) platform to get traffic to my website when first starting out. And luckily, the platform that really worked for me was Pinterest – the same platform that CreateAndGo advertises.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche teaches you techniques and strategies to fully maximize this platform. The strategies taught here are the same ones that Alex and Lauren did for their websites. These are also the same techniques that allowed them to go from being broke to earning $100,000 per month in blogging.

They personally try all of their strategies even the updated ones first-hand before sharing them with their students. So you know you are getting the best from the very bests.

The video lessons in the course are not dull but they are fun and engaging to watch. Everything is taught well and explained in a simple manner. It was just recently updated so you know you’re getting up to date infos and strategies on Pinterest.

3. Pin Practical Masterclass

This Pinterest masterclass is created by Monica Froese of RedefiningMom. Monica has experience in creating a successful blog while also earning six figures in digital products.

She has tons of courses that teach people to leverage Pinterest to bring traffic and increase their sales. 

Pin Practical Masterclass is an excellent course to know how you can grow and build your blog or business using Pinterest.

Monica starts off with teaching the basics and gradually teaches techniques and strategies that both beginners and advanced students will appreciate.

Most people believe that if you post on Pinterest, that’s already enough to drive traffic but that’s not always the case. Monica teaches a strategic way to approach Pinterest. She approaches it as a search engine rather than a social media platform.

Other than that, the course also teaches how you can curate compelling and keyword-rich posts that both attract and target your audience.

Pin Practical Masterclass consists of 6 modules and a total of 22 video lessons with a workbook and bonus contents. Currently, the course isn’t taking any new enrollments for now but they have something prepared for their audience this Black Friday. So you can tune it for that.

4. Pinterest Ninja

Price: $150
Signup Here: Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Ninja course by Megan Johnson will show how you can drive traffic to your website in a short span of time without spending too much money.

Megan is the one behind the blog LoveFamilyHealth.com. She’s also part of the blogger list who have made six figures with their websites. And what’s good about Megan is she attributes her blogging success to Pinterest. Which assures you that what you’ll be learning in the course are strategies of a six-figure blogger.

In Pinterest Ninja, you’ll be learning a tried and tested system to promote your blog THE RIGHT WAY.

It’s an advantage that Megan lets you in on this system because you save time and effort in making your own. A lot of courses teaches you HOW to build a system while there are others that just give you one right away.

To add to that, the course also extends to other aspects of blogging. Such as branding, social media, and blog monetization. 

Pinterest Ninja was also recently updated last October 20, 2020. This means that Megan continues to update her students on the latest trends and changes on the platform. Plus, she just added a monthly live conversion training to help students with their underperforming pins.

5. Pinning Perfect

Price: $349
Signup Here: Pinning Perfect

Anna Luther who’s the instructor in this course is a social media consultant that utilizes Pinterest to gain traffic to her website. She also uses the same approach for her clients to achieve their brand goals.

Anna, just like any beginning blogger, didn’t make much money in the early years of her blog. But then she came up with new strategies and decided to focus on Pinterest ONLY. And in the next 12 months, she saw her site traffic increase 10 folds. To add to that feat, she also made $100,000+ in ad revenue and sponsored work.

And now with her course, she’ll be sharing the strategies and techniques she used to achieve her website goals.

In Pinning Perfect,  you’ll have lifetime access to 9 modules and ALL updates of it. You will also be in an active Facebook community where you’ll get feedback and support from other members.

The course comes with video lessons, worksheets, and spreadsheets to make it a little bit interactive and entertaining.

Lastly, there are also monthly live Facebook office hours to discuss any questions, concerns, and any latest news in the platform.

Overall, Anna will guide you every step of the way when she teaches you something you’re not familiar with. The course also teaches you to focus on things that ONLY matters in Pinterest. So every minute you spend on the platform is put to good use.

Pinning Perfect was just updated this year, so you know that you’re getting up to date strategies and techniques for you to apply on your website.

6. Pinterest Primer

Price: Free
Signup Here: Pinterest Primer

This is a 6-day free primer course for beginners that want to start trying Pinterest marketing. What’s taught here are not just surface-level information but it also builds a solid foundation in Pinterest if you decide to pursue a higher level of knowledge.

McKinzie is the creator of the course who also owns the blog MomsMakeCents. Wherein she created the blog in 2016 to teach moms to build profitable blogs and businesses so they can have more time with their kids at home.

She’s been featured on Forbes, The Penny Hoarder, The Huffington Post, Money.com, BusinessNewsDaily, and many more online publications. 

Her course is the perfect introduction for anyone who’s looking to utilize Pinterest to grow their blog and business. 

In the span of 6 days, Pinterest Primer will teach you how to optimize your profile, how to curate pins to get traction, and mistakes that every beginner should avoid. It’s a free course that’s been finished by 20,000 students.

7. Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Standard Price: $397
Advanced Price: $647
Signup Here: Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

This course is created by Anastasia who runs the blog Anastasia Blogger. She was a digital agency employee for 10 years until she decided to work for herself.  Anastasia quit her corporate job to become a full-time blogger. She now has started several blogs that earn five-figure revenue monthly.

Anastasia has three courses that are recently updated and it all talks about strategies and techniques when it comes to Pinterest. It’s about utilizing SEO in Pinterest and how you can use Tailwind to grow your Pinterest presence.

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets will teach you how to fully utilize the platform so you can get thousands of website traffic per month, increase your website’s revenue, how you can grow your email list, and strategically sell your products and services to your audience.

8. The Pinterest Launch Plan

Price: $27
Signup Here: The Pinterest Launch Plan

If you’re looking for a course that’s both in video or written format, I have the resource just for you. The Pinterest Launch Plan is an ebook in PDF format that contains the experiments and experience of Jennifer Maker. She has found a Pinterest strategy that works and brings traffic to any website.

Jennifer has started Pinterest even when the platform was still in the beta phase in 2011. So you’re guaranteed that she has the experience when it comes to the platform. Other than that, she also had the opportunity to manage a large brand’s Pinterest account and was able to improve its traffic by 1,000%.

She has always leveraged Pinterest when she launched two blogs of her own (one of which gives her a full-time income). Her Pinterest traffic gives her blog 3,000 to 3,500 visits a day using her strategies on intentional pinning and keywords focus.

Within the course, you’ll also get 60 videos of bonus contents and walkthroughs. Her Pinterest strategies don’t promise an overnight success story but instead, it will show slow but consistent growth over time – which is the IDEAL WAY to build website traffic.

9. Master Marketing With Pinterest Academy

Price: Free
Signup Here: Master Marketing WIth Pinterest Academy

Pinterest Academy is an educational resource for marketers made by the people of Pinterest. This is a free course made by the company itself. In 2019, it already had 300 million+ users and it’s just growing by the second. 

With the number of users, Pinterest just proved that it’s becoming bigger and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the platform to grow their business.

With this course, you will have nine videos for you to explore. And all of the lessons taught here are 100% free. Enrolling in this course will guarantee you basic and advanced information for you to get web traffic from Pinterest. 

The course talks about campaign objectives, creative strategy, targeting and buying, building and launching a campaign, and many more. The lessons taught here are made by Pinterest professionals who have been with the platform since the very beginning. 

10. Slaying Pinterest 101

Price: $150
Signup Here: Slaying Pinterest 101

The creator of this beginner course is Lia Garcia who also partly owns the travel blog Practical Wanderlust.  Lia mentioned how Pinterest helped their 6-month-old travel blog to reach 20,000 sessions and 35,000 page views. It’s astounding metrics to reach especially when it’s achieved in the first six months of a blog.

Slaying Pinterest 101 is a beginner course that will guide you through every basic thing you need to do as you start your Pinterest journey.

It will teach you how to set up a Pinterest account for your blog, creating click-worthy Pinterest images, what tasks you need to do to increase your Pinterest presence and grow your traffic.

11. Pinterest Legacy

Regular Price: $87
Christmas Deal Price: $45
Signup Here: Pinterest Legacy

Pinterest Legacy is created by Lisa Goodwin of 2ShareMyJoy. In this course, Lisa teaches her Pinterest strategy that allowed her to increase her page view, gain new followers every day, and most importantly grow her blogging income. Her page view went from 7,000 to 40,000 in just three months.

We all know how important these views and visits are because it increases the probability of your blog to earn some revenues.

Additional things to learn in Pinterest Legacy would be:
  • How to find and use Keywords for Pinterest SEO
  • Creating the perfect pin for a higher re-pin rate
  • What plugins to use
  • How to place your Call To Action

This is an excellent course if you’re looking for a tried and tested strategy to increase your site’s following, traffic, and income.

12. Pinterest Marketing Course

Price: $67
Signup Here: Pinterest Marketing Course

This Pinterest course teaches you how to utilize FREE online tools to get daily traffic to your blogs and sales page. Pinterest Marketing Course is created by Chelsea Clarke who also runs the blog HerPaperRoute. Chelsea also has a podcast and an online academy that teaches students how to blog, how to monetize a blog, and how to do marketing in this digital era.

In her Pinterest Marketing Course, some of the lessons that she’ll teach would be how to develop a Pinterest strategy, how to utilize SEO and keywords, how to create viral pins and a training session on Tailwind.

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My Recommendations

Pinteresting Strategies

Price: $57
Signup Here: Pinteresting Strategies

  • Learn how to use Carly’s manual pinning strategy
  • The basics of Pinterest
  • How to optimize your account
  • Know how to achieve Pinterest success without using a scheduling tool
  • Understand the latest trends and algorithms on Pinterest 
  • Recently updated this year
  • Very affordable

Start Your Pinterest Journey Now

You’ve just read my 12 best Pinterest courses for bloggers. All of those courses cover topics from basic to advanced strategies to bring traffic to your site. 

These are also the courses that have been recommended across different websites and platforms. This just means that the knowledge shared in these courses is quality and valuable. 

If you’re looking for the best blogging courses, the most effective WordPress themes, and how you can generate more traffic to your website, feel free to look at all things blog related on my website 😉

So which one of the courses above will you be enrolling in first? Have you tried some of those courses? Let me know below 😀 

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