10 Best Personal Finance Courses To Make Better Financial Decisions

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If you want to be in a better financial position, you need to learn how to budget, save, invest, and make more money. And in today’s blog, I’ll be discussing how you can do just that. Below is a list of the best personal finance courses to help you make better financial decisions.

Personal debts, student loans, credit card debts, or whatever financial issue you have, all of this can be taken care of with proper discipline and knowledge to do so. 

Unfortunately, many of us if not all didn’t get to learn personal finance in school. And it’s really up to us on how to seek more information and knowledge on this very topic.

The courses below will teach you strategies and tips to finally rid of those problems and live a better financial life.

So if you’re ready, then let’s get right to the topic!


10 Best Personal Finance Courses To Make Better Financial Decisions

10 Best Personal Finance Courses To Make Better Financial Decisions.


1. The Fab Four of Personal Finance

Price: Skillshare Premium Membership
Get it here: The Fab Four of Personal Finance


If you’re one of the people who wasn’t born with a silver spoon and graduated college with a ton of debt, then maybe you can relate to Son Han. He’s the instructor in this course and is both a CPA and a CFA. 

Son Han wasn’t born in a rich family and his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for his college. So when he graduated, he brought along with him $60,000 of college debt. But how did he turn his life around and went from negative net worth to a positive one? 

In this course, Son will teach you how he did that. He’ll be sharing principles and strategies that you can apply to your life so you’ll be in a better financial position. Some of the topics that Son will talk about are lifestyle inflation, investing, opening up a savings account, understanding credit scores, and student loans.

So if you want to learn from someone who started out with no money and created wealth after a few years, this course is for you.


2. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making

Price: Free
Get it here: Smart Tools for Decision-Making


This course is created by Gautam Kaul who’s a professor of Finance at the University of Michigan. In this course, he teaches different frameworks and smart tools so you can understand and make better daily financial decisions. 

This is an introductory financial course but is packed with knowledge and lessons that will give you a firm financial foundation. Some of the topics that the course talks about are these real-life examples – renting a place, buying a home, getting a car, knowing different types of investments, and getting rid of student debt.

With the course giving out real-life examples, it will for sure be practical and all the lessons can be applied to your daily life. Gautam explains that the course will help you make better personal and professional financial decisions on a daily basis.


3. Modern Money Habits: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want

Price: Skillshare Premium Membership
Get it here: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want


If you want a course that talks about personal finance in general, you might want to look at this one. The class is taught by Justin Bridges who was a former finance professional and now a fashion photographer.

Any level of expertise in this field will surely get something new in this course. Justin here teaches the lingos, the basic steps, and different frameworks to build your financial future and improve your current position. 

The course teaches you about budgeting, starting an emergency fund, dealing with debt, and being smarter with your credit cards. All of the topics touched here are what we use and deal with every day in our lives.

Justin also teaches the five simple step approach that enabled him to leave his work on Wallstreet and start a successful photography business. The course is packed with actionable tips that are easy to understand and apply.

Overall the course is for anyone who wants to have more knowledge of personal finance and have a framework that’s suited for any age and career.


4. The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More

Price: $129.99
Get it here: The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More


Learn how to save, protect, and make more money in this course by Chris Haroun. Chris is an MBA, venture capitalist, and author. This course of his is considered a bestseller in Udemy and has been taken by 89,000+ students.

This is one of the most extensive courses I’ve seen on personal finance. It’s packed with 16 hours on-demand video, 7 downloadable resources, grants lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

The course talks about a ton of topics on personal finance such as saving money on educational expenses, foods and drinks, health, and housing expenses. Chris also touches on the topic of investments – understanding mutual funds, commodities, bonds, and stocks. He even goes further into discussing real estate and how to create a balanced portfolio.

Other than those topics, Chris also talks about global economics – why it affects you and how it can affect you. It’s a good topic to include since the dynamics of the economy has some effects on our personal finances. Knowing more about this will make you a better and smarter consumer.

Anyone can take up this course even if you don’t have any accounting or finance degree. Chris has made this course easy to understand so he can reach out and help more people.


5. Financial Adulting

Price: $49 (Course only)
            $49/mo (Course + Membership)
Get it here: Financial Adulting


If your age is 20-something and you’ve been struggling financially, this course might just help you for the better. The trainers on this course are Ellen and Micah Long of WealthFit. Ellen has an MBA and is a Certified Financial Planner and Micah has majored in business and finance. Both instructors are well-versed in the world of personal finance and have created this course to help out young adults.

In this course, they will teach you how to crush your debt, leverage good credit, and finally start that passive income you’ve been dreaming about. It also talks about the topic of managing risk since most people at this age tend to be more aggressive when it comes to their finances.

Along the course, they also discuss what it takes to be an intelligent investor and why you need to invest in the first place. To add to that, budgeting is also part of the lessons so you’ll understand better the breakdown of your take-home income every month – you’ll know how much of your money will go to savings, investment, and monthly costs.

A topic that I like here would be the rich life mindset and the investor mindset. Everything we do starts from our mindset and the same goes for our finances. With Ella and Micah teaching you what mindset you should have, those tweaks you do in your brain will allow you to live a life of abundance and start building a richer future.

This course is perfect for young adults and adults who are sick of living paycheck to paycheck while constantly thinking about credit card debt and other loans.


6. Financial Security Thinking & Principles

Price: $129.99
Get it here: Financial Security Thinking & Principles


For anyone who’s been looking for financial security or want to learn how to achieve it, this course by Alex can help you with that. Alex Kouramanis is an instructor in Udemy. He has a total of 17,274 students and has already made three courses on the platform.

Alex with his Cognitive Science background knows that the brain can easily adapt and change to new kinds of habits using the right information and the right thinking. And that’s his main goal in this course – to increase your financial intelligence. 

Increasing your financial intelligence allows you to be financially literate and make smarter financial decisions every day. He’ll teach you principles and mindsets that’s been used by the financially successful. 

Even though this course has some science to it, I can assure you that it’s not boring and unengaging. Other than the lessons above, Alex also teaches how you can reduce spending without taking out the fun in your life. He also talks about how you can increase your value and your income in this day and age.

Overall the course teaches you what mindset you should have and how you can be more effective when it comes to saving and making more money.


7. Personal Finance and Investing Productivity

Price: Skillshare Premium Membership
Get it here: Personal Finance and Investing Productivity


This course by Cal Hyslop will teach you how you can achieve a better financial future by learning financial management, budgeting, saving, and investing. Cal is an MBA and has coached different business executives. He’s a financial lover has been creating several courses in Skillshare.

This quick course of his teaches how you can be smarter with money management. It talks about topics on personal finances, budgeting, different saving strategies, and investment. All of those topics are essential when it comes to being in a better financial position. Every information and strategy shared here will help you have a greater financial future.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create your own budgeting spreadsheet and the skill to finally control your own budget. It’s easy to overlook the thought of living on a budget but allow Cal to explain why it’s important and vital to do for your finances. 

The ideal takers for this course would be someone who’s still starting in university or in their careers. Personal Finance and Investing Productivity is a great beginner course as you become serious with your finances. 

This is a 46-minute course that’s been taken up by 1,600+ students already. It’s a short course that’s packed with lessons and ideas that you can use immediately.


8. Khan Academy’s Personal Finance Course

Price: Free
Get it here: Khan Academy’s Personal Finance Course

If you’ve searched for anything financial-related on Youtube, then you might have stumbled upon one or two Khan Academy videos. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with the intent of teaching free world-class education for anyone.

On their website, they provide multiple courses for all ages. Kids, teenagers, young adults, and professionals can find a quality course for them that will enhance their knowledge of their chosen topic. 

They have courses in Math, Science, Art and Humanities, Reading and Language Arts, Computing, Economics, and Life and Skills. It even provides courses for tests like SATs, LSATs, and Praxis Core.

In their Personal Finance course, they teach you all the topics covered under that subject. They offer video lessons that discuss saving and budgeting, interest and debt, investment and retirement, paying colleges, taxes, to renting vs buying a home. 

Note that everything on their website is free for anyone who wants to learn more about a certain topic. In their Youtube channel, they’ve been providing quality education ever since 2006. The channel has gathered 6 million subscribers and has 1.8 billion views.


9. Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know

Price: Free
Get it here: Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know


If you’re looking to finally get started and learn more about Personal Finance, let this FREE course be your introduction. This course is created by the people behind MoneyCoach – a free website that aims to teach people how to manage their finances in a fun and less stressful way.

This course was designed for beginners so they’ll understand the concepts and principles a lot faster. The course clocks in near a total of 3 hours but is broken down into different lectures.

The course takes you into an entire personal finance curriculum with short engaging and animated videos. It has a total of 52 videos that teaches you the basics of tax, loans, debt, investments, renting, and home buying. It’s the complete beginner course if you have no prior knowledge of personal finance.

What’s unique about this course is the time length of the videos. The guys behind MoneyCoach took into consideration the attention span of viewers so they get to retain more of the lessons and apply them to their lives.

The course works best for anyone who’s a beginner or simply wants a refresher on the basics of Personal Finance. It teaches you the important aspects of the topic that will guide and help you for a better financial future.


10. Personal & Family Financial Planning

Price: Free
Get it here: Personal & Family Financial Planning


To be financially successful and reach your monetary goals, knowing the right habits and sticking to them is a vital component that needs to be done on a daily basis. In this course, Michael Gutter teaches you prudent habits that you need to do while still in school or early in your career.

Michael is a professor at the University of Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in Family Financial Management and a Ph.D. in Family Resource. His course has received 4.6 out of 5 stars on the platform and has a ton of good reviews from previous course takers.

In this course, Michael teaches you every important thing you need to know when it comes to your finances. He talks about financial statements, tools to help you in budgeting,  and managing income taxes.

The course also goes into the topic of investment fundamentals, managing risk, and understanding mutual funds. Michael doesn’t just teach you how to manage your finances correctly but he also teaches lessons on how you can achieve passive income.

He ends the course with a personal plan of action and a bonus module. The personal plan of action is important since it gives you actionable steps on what to do after the course. 

Throughout the classes, Michael will give out quizzes every lesson to gauge your understanding of the topic. It’s a great strategy to incorporate since it makes you be attentive and take the lessons seriously.

Overall, the course is good for people who have no knowledge of personal finance and for students who are looking to understand and learn a few more concepts about the topic.


My Recommendation

For an honest recommendation, I really suggest to my readers to take up courses on Skillshare. To me, it’s the number one platform for online courses.

With a Skillshare Premium Membership, you’ll have access to ALL the courses on the site. Yep, everything. You don’t need to pay for every new course that you’re going to take. It’s one of the best features that Skillshare provides to its users.

To add to that, Skillshare has a ton of courses available to the public. They have courses on Animation, Design, Illustration, Lifestyle, Business, Photography, and many more. Learn from superstar instructors and the best professionals in their own niches.

So, signup for Premium Membership today and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

If you’re not so sure, take advantage of the 14-day free trial and if it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership anytime.

That being said, if you’re already in debt, there are FREE courses above that I’ve mentioned and I recommend you to start there first. There’s no point in spending more money learning how to manage your money when you’re still heavily in debt.


Enroll In The Best Personal Finance Courses

The topic of personal finance is important for everyone to know and understand. It will help you avoid common financial mistakes that will negatively affect you now and in the future.

Learning from professionals on this topic will allow you to know more strategies and tips that are not available to other platforms or channels. So paying a premium for those lessons isn’t such a bad idea since it will help you be in a better financial position. To read more Personal Finance topics, I recommend you read all my money related posts.

So which one are you going to take up first? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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