10 Best Freelance Platforms To Hire And Find Work In 2020

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The best freelance platforms are the ones that cover an array of projects that freelancers can work on while also catering to the needs of companies looking for a person to hire.

In today’s blog, I’ll be writing the best freelance platforms in 2020. These platforms are legitimate and have been used frequently by freelancers and companies alike. 

The platforms on this list are the ones who provide opportunities for both parties while also protecting them from scams and fraudulent doings. So if you’re looking for the best freelance platforms, then let’s get right to the post.


10 Best Freelance Platforms To Hire And Find Work In 2020

10 Best Freelance Platforms To Hire And Find Work In 2020.


1. Fiverr

No membership fee
Signup Here: Fiverr

Fiverr was created following an eCommerce platform wherein freelancers and companies can “buy and sell”. In Fiverr, the “buyers” are the ones who are looking for someone to do a job. So the term “buyer” refers to a business owner or a company. The “seller” would be the freelancers. They’re selling their skills and expertise for a job which is called “Gig”.

When Fiverr was still starting ALL gigs or services were priced at $5. Hence the name, Fiverr. But now, freelancers have the freedom to charge beyond that amount. They are in control of what kind of packages will they do for their gigs.

Fiverr has a variety of professional services from graphic design, writing, digital marketing, animation, programming, to music and audio. Each one of those categories has a subcategory which means that Fiverr doesn’t fall short on opportunities for buyers and sellers.

To cater to the needs of buyers, Fiverr has made a leveling system for sellers. If a seller or a freelancer finishes more gigs, receives good reviews, and no warnings, he or she increases in levels. The higher the level, the more reliable a seller is.

In the case of sellers’ monetary protection, Fiverr’s Trust and Safety Team has their back. If they reviewed and find that the seller has delivered their service in full, Fiverr will return any amount deducted from their account.

Overall, Fiverr is a freelance platform that’s recommended by many because of its many opportunities and protection to both parties. Freelance beginners also like Fiverr because it also provides free courses to its users.


2. FlexJobs

For Businesses:

1 week membership: $6.95
1 month membership: $14.95
3 months membership: $29.95
1 year membership: $49.95
Signup Here: FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a freelance platform that started in 2007 and has been growing in members ever since. The platform offers jobs in 50+ career fields and all have different levels of entry to it. It has entry-level jobs to executive level. FlexJobs also offers part-time and full-time jobs all over the world.

For more than 10 years, Flexjobs has been helping its users find jobs faster with less stress and more support. They also have a team dedicated to manually screen every single job and company on the platform to prevent scams.

In this platform, you’ll see different types of people looking for jobs – they can be millennials, retirees, freelancers, digital nomads, rural workers, etc. These groups of people are here because of the flexibility that the platform gives. So when you’re looking for people to hire, FlexJobs has the most diverse set of candidates.

To address the credentials of users in FlexJobs, their recent survey shows that 82% of their users have a college degree, 73% are employed in some capacity, 74% have experience remotely working, and 81% are mid-level to manager-level professionals.

FlexJobs isn’t just for small businesses and solopreneurs, even big companies like Amazon, Dell, and Appen have hired several people in the platform which just shows you the type of employees you’ll get from FlexJobs.


3. UpWork

For Businesses:

Basic Account: Free
Plus Account: $49.99/mo
Business Account: $849/mo
Signup Here: UpWork

UpWork is one of the hottest freelance platforms in the space right now. It’s used by global companies such as Airbnb, Microsoft, and GE. When some Fortune 500 companies utilize such service, then you can be more at ease that the platform is trusted.

In UpWork, you can find talent and agencies in different fields such as web and mobile development, design, writing, sales and marketing, customer service, data science, engineering, and architecture. So no matter what field you work in, you’ll find a category that’s fit for you.

But with UpWork being one of the most recommended platforms, searching for a project is like a job in itself. You need to scan through different listings and ads. And if you do find one, your resume needs to wait for its turn to be seen by the employer.

UpWork has also made user experience easier for employers and freelancers since both parties can use the platform’s online chat and video call system. This works well if the employer needs to clarify things immediately or needs to contact the potential hire.

The platform is a good place to build your reputation and portfolio. Once you do, you’ll increase the chance of you landing a high paying project. To help you get clients faster in Upwork, I’ve written a post on how you can do just that.


4. Freelancer

For Businesses and Freelancers:

Free Member: Free
Basic Account: $4.95/mo

Plus Account: $9.95/mo (1 month free trial)
Professional Account: $29.95/mo
Premier Account: $69.95/mo
Signup Here: Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the world’s biggest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace in terms of users and jobs. They have connected 48 million+ employers and freelance in the span of 11 years.

With Freelancer, business owners and companies can find people to do several jobs in different areas of work. Some of the niche that they cater to are software development, data entry, writing, design, sales, accounting, and legal services.

Freelancer is very beneficial to small businesses who are looking for talent to help with their company. A business owner can just give the details of what type of work is needed to be done and let the platform do its magic. 

Freelancer also caters to any kind of job whether that’s small, big or anything in between. Flexible jobs and payment are also accepted on the platform – that’s why Freelancer is a sure help when it comes to the needs of companies.

The platform also values the safety and security of its users – all transactions are secured and funds are guarded by state-of-the-art security. They also have a 24/7 support team to help any user with their issues and needs.

As a freelancer in the platform, you could get started immediately in four easy steps. First is profile creation, second is browsing for projects, third is bidding for the project and fourth would be waiting to get hired.

It’s a simple process that’s intentionally made easy by Freelancer to invite more freelance nomads to join the community.


5. Toptal

No membership fee
Signup Here: TopTal

Toptal prides itself on housing the top 3% of freelance talent. It’s a platform where companies can get the top freelancers in design, finance, software developers, and product managers. Toptal strives to find and work with only the best globally. They mentioned that their rigorous screening process is what aids them to identify the top talent in every field.

Toptal has also been used by big companies and brands such as Calm, Cleveland Cavaliers, University Of Southern California, Shopify, and Udemy. The platform has connected elite talent with the most exciting global companies.

Since they only hire several freelancers on their platform, it might be a little intimidating to try and get in. But I think it’s worth the shot since if you do get hired, you’ll have the opportunity to work with top global companies that will surely boost your resume.

A benefit of using Toptal is you rid yourself of the hassle of manually screening each freelancer in the platform because Toptal does it for you. As they mentioned, the y’ve already screened and hire only the best in their field. 

Toptal also allows employers to get a two week test period with their new hire. If the employer is not satisfied, Toptal won’t charge you for the freelancer’s work.


6. Guru

For Freelancers:

Basic Account: Free
Basic+ Account: $11.95/mo
Professional Account: $21.95/mo
Business Account: $33.95/mo
Executive Account: $49.95/mo
Signup Here: Guru

Guru is a freelancing platform that has helped companies hire experts and professionals globally. It’s a cost-effective platform that allows you to hire people for design and art, writing, project development, sales and marketing, education, and training.

The platform has 800,000 employers worldwide and has paid freelancers a cumulative amount of $250 million. They also have over 3 million users and is just growing by the second.

Most freelancers go with Guru because of their credibility, their payment flexibility, support, and more importantly value. They probably have the lowest fees in the industry but still able to provide good value.

As an employer, you get to review quotes you receive from freelancers, manually select them, make your own agreement, and once everything is agreed upon, you get to work immediately with your freelancer.

Guru also provides a workspace once an employer hires a freelance. The WorkRoom can be used to communicate, collaborate with other people in the project and most importantly track how the project is doing.

For freelancers, they can join the community as they sign up with the platform. They’ll also find the right job for them that’s fit for their skills in only three steps:

First is viewing current job listings – here they can browse jobs or get recommendations based on their skills. The second step would be submitting quotes – freelancers will set up payment terms and share their understanding of the work. And lastly, the third step is getting hired. Freelancers get to discuss their quotes with their employers until they reach an agreement.


7. 99 Designs

No Membership Fee
Signup Here: 99 Designs

99 Designs is a freelance platform that’s focused on design projects and jobs. In this platform, designers can choose the industry, styles, and designs that they want to work in. The more work done in 99 Designs, the better the job matchings for the freelancer.

So in a platform that’s filled with designers, how can one stand out? Well, they can do so on their profile page. That’s where some designers can separate themselves from the pack.

Don’t worry about the onboarding process since the platform will walk designers through the features and dish out some tips on how they can shine on their profile.

The design categories range from logos, web and app design, business and advertising, clothing, illustration, packaging and label, and magazine. With these categories, every designer can work on their strengths and land jobs that are suited for their skills.

The platform also offers a collaborative space for designers. Freelancers can team up with each other and collaborate on projects and divide the payment.

Overall, 99 Designs is a great platform for designers to join a community that shares the same interest and find jobs that are tailored to their skills and talents.


8. Writer Access

For Businesses:

Basic (1 user): $39/mo
Pro (10 users): $79/mo
Premium (Unlimited Users): $99/mo
Signup as a freelancer
Signup as a client 

Writer Access connects businesses and agencies to different content creators. This platform is home to all freelance writers. It has writing projects and jobs in technology, commerce, designing, living, and services.

For businesses who want to hire writers in Writer Access, they just filter their needs in the platform, hire a writer or a team, and state their objectives and instructions. The instruction can come with links, attachments, and required SEO. Clients only pay when they approve of the content.

For freelance writers who get accepted in the platform will have an initial rating based on their profile, writing samples, initial application, and test scores. When a writer accepts a certain project or job, he or she is required to do the task diligently. And when the outcome is approved, the rights of the content will be transferred to the client and the writer will get paid.

A good thing about Writer Access is you can hire the same writer or team to write for your business. It helps with consistency in writing and familiarization of work. Plus, they also recently launched WriterAccess Academy which offers FREE content strategy lessons and it comes with a certification. 


9. People Per Hour

No Membership Fee
Signup Here: People Per Hour

People Per Hour was founded in 2007 and has connected millions of businesses to their pool of outstanding freelancers. They have jobs for different industries such as technology, programming, digital marketing, design, video, sales, and branding.

With the platform having almost 3 million freelancers, it can sometimes be pretty competitive. So setting a reasonable fee and constant development in your craft will surely help you land those jobs. 

At the same time, with that number of freelancers, it’s a good thing for clients since they have a huge pool of potential hires. Clients can also choose a huge variety of offers for as low as £10.

The platform also has a feature where both client and freelance can keep track of the project. They can communicate, share ideas, send, and receive files in that space. 

People Per Hour also made the user experience smooth for both clients and freelancers. For the client’s side, the platform will provide a quick and easy form to describe their project. Once the form is finished, the system can match and contact freelancers that are the best fit for your project.

For freelancers they just need to finish an online application to join the platform and be part of its community, Once approved, freelancers will see different projects or can be matched by the system to different works.

Payment procedures on both sides are done with a simple click of a button and their system will provide an invoice for every project finished.


10. Indeed

No Membership Fee
Signup Here: Indeed

Indeed has all the types of jobs on the internet. What’s great about it is it’s not only for freelancers, you can land a job whether it’s a full-time or part-time one. The platform also allows its users to determine and compare salaries for each job. It also features a review section of companies on the platform.

With all these features, it’s clear that Indeed prioritizes job seekers on their website. But they also cater to companies and businesses looking to hire people. Indeed makes sure that the hiring process of companies is fast and smooth.

The platform helps companies get more visibility, find quality applicants, verifying their skills and abilities, and helps in organizing potential hires. If a company wants a job to be filled at a much faster rate, companies can “sponsor” their job posting so more applicants can see it.


Join The Best Freelance Platforms Now

I’ve just listed the 10 best freelance platforms that businesses and freelancers can sign up on. Now it’s up to you on what platform you should go with. 

These freelance websites have been used by global companies and have been satisfied with the outcome and services. 

So in the list above, which one will you try out first? Do you have any experience on those platforms? Let me know in the comments below 😀




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