12 Best Blogging Courses For Beginners (Free & Paid) In 2020

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The best blogging courses are the ones that are rich in information and value. They’re the courses that will give you new ideas after you’re done with it.

Strategies that have been tried and tested.

If you’re looking for blogging courses that can speed up your learning curve, the courses below will help you achieve that. I’m listing down 12 different blogging courses that you can take, whether your focus would be starting from scratch, building more traffic, or even doubling your income. 🙂

I’ve tried several courses – free and paid, just to know every strategy there is when it comes to blogging. Unfortunately, not all of the courses out there give the same value. Some are a waste of money while others are worth every, single, penny.

The courses listed below are the top blogging courses that I know will point you in the right direction and teach you the right information for you to have a successful blogging hustle.

So if you’re ready, then let’s get right to it. 🙂


12 Best Blogging Courses For Beginners (Free & Paid) In 2020

12 Best Blogging Courses For Beginners (Free & Paid) In 2020.


Before we get to the best blogging courses, you need to know what are the different things to look at when choosing a course.

When you pay for something whether that’s an online course, a product, or a service, you always want to get the value of what you paid for. You don’t want to be cheated and overpay for something that’s not that worth it. 

So for you to get every worth of your dollars in courses, consider these things before buy or enroll in any online courses out there.

First thing first, you….

Phillip Cardigan Phil Cardigan GIF - PhillipCardigan PhilCardigan CreateAPro GIFs

a. Research The Founder/s

Before I join any online course, I do my research first on who I’m learning from. You don’t want to learn from someone who just made a course to make a sale. If you do learn from those people, you’ll probably end up with little to no new ideas.

So make sure you do a bit of research from the course creator. Usually, it will be themselves who will provide such information but it’s always good to go beyond what is presented.

There’s a new thing where people literally pay someone else to create the course – without them having any proven success beforehand. So watch out for those scammy ones!

b. Search And Read Reviews

There will always be a group of people who had taken a course before you. And there will also be course takers who will take time out of their day to review the course. Some reviews would be brief while others will be concise and specific. 

As someone who wants to do her own due diligence, you need to read both types of reviews. To go further, you can also contact those who gave their reviews and ask more about their experience on the course. Sometimes they’ll give out a more detailed answer when they are personally asked. 🙂

c. Read The Advantages Of The Course

When you’re looking for advantages of the course, that’s fairly easy to find. It will be the company or the brand itself that will advertise it and let people know what they are. 

It’s also good if you can find some disadvantages as well. No matter how good a course is it will always have some form of disadvantage to other courses. You can always find these disadvantages when you read up on reviews from different people. 

d. Know The Duration Of The Course

Sometimes online courses, especially blogging courses are already pre-recorded so you can access it on your own time. Which is very beneficial to people if they are busy and can’t attend live classes. 

But there will be online courses out there that will have live sessions and you need to know that beforehand. You don’t want to waste your money on a course that you can barely attended…


When it comes to choosing the quality of a course, it would really depend on your own efforts and research. And the guidelines above will help you in this process. You can also apply these things to the courses below! 🙂


Blogging From Scratch


1. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate review-min

Starter Membership: Free
Premium Membership:
– $19 on the first month (if you upgrade to premium within 7 day),
– $47 for all the following months.
Annual Premium Membership: $495
Signup Here: Wealthy Affiliate

If there’s a company that has greatly helped me on my journey as a blogger and affiliate marketer, it’s Wealthy Affiliate. 

I know I talk a LOT about them, but there’s a reason why – they are worth it.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are the ones mainly teaching their members everything they need to know to make a profitable blog and website. They’ve been teaching thousands of their members for 15 years already. FIFTEEN YEARS.

Their track record is what sets them apart from every other company out there.

What’s amazing is that the results of their teaching have been the same even though the mechanics of making money online has changed throughout the years.

This just means that Wealthy Affiliate is up to date with the different trends and innovations on how people can make money online through their blogs or websites.

That’s exactly what you want to read and hear when you enroll in online courses. Kyle and Carson walk the talk and it shows in the number of successful Wealthy Affiliate members. You can read more about how they are able to make more than $10,000/mo.

– Testimonials

But don’t take my word for it, you can check out a series of reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on TrustPilot.

When you check the reviews, mind the date of those posts. You’ll see that most reviews were just recently posted a few days ago. This means more and more people are STILL signing up in Wealthy Affiliate and they’re enjoying what the company has to give and teach.

Just check out this post by a Wealthy Affiliate member. She shared the growth of her affiliate sales coming from her website. In a span of 3 years, her annual affiliate sales went from only $44 to $1,800.

You might think that $1,800 doesn’t look too big on paper but this is just something that she does part-time when she has the time, passively. And that’s just one success story out of a thousand in Wealthy Affiliate’s community. 🙂

– Advantages & Disadvantages

Other than teaching people how to make money online, the company is also a web host provider. Which means you can start building a website and apply those lessons with them. You don’t need another party to virtually set up shop – you can do all of that on Wealthy Affiliate’s platform.

WA has successfully drifted away from mediocre companies because they have provided everything for their users.

From giving information and knowledge to providing the TOOLS to apply the lessons taught, including a free powerful keyword research tool!

The only disadvantage I see from them is they don’t emphasize enough on email marketing. Because I believe in email marketing, you’re able to get more consistent loyal readers on your blog – and it’s much easier to convert via email compared to other methods.

Another one would be their payment structure. I wouldn’t say it’s too much of a disadvantage but for people who are looking to go for a one-time payment won’t be able to do so. Because their payment structure is done by monthly or annual subscription.

So for starters, you can sign up for a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account and receive 10 FREE lessons immediately. 🙂

And no, no credit card details required.


2. Launch Your Blog Biz

best blogging courses

Price: $297
Where To Buy: Launch Your Blog Biz

Launch Your Blog Biz is an online course by two famous bloggers – Alex and Lauren who founded the website Create&Go and Avocadu.

These co-founders have made SIX figures in creating different blogs. Although that’s a great and excellent achievement, it’s their story that got me hooked on their site.

They’ve gone through the ups and downs of what a blogger will experience as he or she chases a successful website. 

They’ve mentioned that they spent three months on their first blog (which failed) and only had a handful of visitors, zero fans, and no one giving value to their posts. Which almost every starting blogger can relate to.

I mean what good is having a high number of site visitors if no one engages with your posts? Such a scenario is really a confidence killer.

But if you’re determined to reach your goals, you can’t give up easily. And that’s what Alex and Lauren did. They went back to the drawing board, change up a few things, and eventually found success online. From blogging failure to bouncing back and making over $100k per month!


There’s a series of good testimonials about the course. It came from different people with detailed reviews and experience.

Some of the testimonials I’ve seen would be users saying that they were able to start a blog immediately after the course. Because the information laid out was easy to follow and everything was actionable. 

And I CAN attest to that because I’m also a student of theirs and have been enjoying how easy their guides are to follow!

There was even a course taker that was able to earn $3,800 in just four months. You can watch her interview with Create And Go below:


She mentioned the different things she did to achieve such numbers and how others can do it as well. It’s a good video to watch especially if you’re considering taking up this course.

I believe there are a lot of reviews given by bloggers who started taking actions and have seen great results! They do teach email marketing (which was one of the main reasons I joined by the way), different ways you can get traffic to your blog, AND how to properly monetize them.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

The disadvantage that I see is it isn’t for someone who has intermediate to advance knowledge on blogging. So the ones who could really benefit from this would be total beginners. 

The course doesn’t also cover enough about how useful a plugin is to a website. If you’ve read my SEO post, I’ve mentioned how plugins make my life easier as a blogger. That’s why I think it’s a good topic to also discuss with course takers.

Side note: They DO have a module on plugins but they don’t cover in-depth how plugins can be detrimental to your website’s speed performance. They kept on recommending different plugins for different things – when some of those functions can be found in one plugin and cause less bloating for the website.

The focus too much on Pinterest traffic and only touch the surface for SEO – which I wasn’t much of a fan of.

Other than those things, I don’t see other minor disadvantages that this course gives. A great advantage though is that if you’re new to blogging this course will for sure be beneficial for you. It’s a detailed course that will guide you every step of the way.

BUT, if you’re an intermediate or advanced blogger, check out my suggestion #11, also from Alex and Lauren 🙂


3. Built To Blog

Price: $297
Where To Buy: BuiltToBlog

The next course I’ll be talking about comes from a full-time blogger and content marketing consultant that’s worked with Fortune 500 companies.

Ryan Robinson is a blogger that writes for big and famous international companies such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Inc.

If you’ve seen some of his articles on those big companies’ websites, you’ll see how informative he is when it comes to blogging and different businesses. There’s a reason why he racks in hundred of thousands of viewers coming from different publications.

In his course, Built To Blog, he shows how any person can have 10,000 readers and achieve a 6-figure income. Just by looking at Ryan’s credentials, you can be guaranteed that the information taught in the course is valuable and won’t be seen anywhere. 🙂


Just by checking how the testimonials below were written, you know that Ryan provides valuable information in this course. When you enroll in it, you’re also paying for Ryan’s strategies and experience in writing in his own blog and other companies’ sites.

For you to have a daily article on those Fortune 500 companies, you need to have the skills and experience of a seasoned blogger. And that’s part of what you’re paying for in this course.


– Advantages & Disadvantages

Learning from someone who has those credentials to show is in itself an advantage to other courses. The course teaches you steps on how to find a niche that’s fit for you till how to properly monetize it. 

It’s ALMOST perfect… but one thing you need to also know that there are a lot information (good ones though) that is given that COULD be overwhelming for beginners. And to me, personally when I was just starting out, I’d prefer to actually focus and go deeper on certain traffic generations as well as monetizing strategies, instead of being told about everything on a surface level.

But that is just me & my personal take.


4. Blogging For Business

Price: $799 Free
Where To Buy: Blog For Business

Any blogger who searched about all things SEO has visited or has seen Ahrefs’ website. Ahrefs is an all in one SEO toolset with tons of free learning materials with a passionate community.

Their FREE course entitled Blogging For Business is packed with valuable information on how a blog can find its path and gather viewers along the way.

Ahrefs mentions that with this course you’ll have the set of knowledge on how you can surpass 100k+ visitors and convert readers to paying customers!

PLEASE do check this course out, because it used to be price at $799 and has been given for FREE due to the pandemic in 2020. Ahrefs wanted to give back something good, so do check them out and don’t miss this golden opportunity 🙂


You won’t see many negative reviews when it comes to this course. It’s highly valuable given the fact that it’s almost a 5-hour video course.

Almost everything you need to know when starting a blog is discussed here. From content marketing to strategies to ranking high on search engines. Everything that you need for your blog to be SEO ready is discussed and taught in this course as well.

To know whether a 5-hour course is worth your time, I highly suggest you read this detailed and honest review of the course.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of the course would be seen if you take out the promotional view of it. What Ahrefs teaches here are important lessons on how your blog can thrive in this competitive space.

They don’t just teach you what to do but they also guide you on HOW to do it and WHY you should do it.

One notable disadvantage that I saw was the course was built around the usage of Ahrefs’ toolset. So this means that the course is highly promotional which isn’t typically new to selling online courses – so as their other companies like Ubersuggest.

Ahrefs subscription isn’t cheap for beginners. My suggestion is to still go through the course and try finding other tools that can also help you achieve the same. Ubersuggest is one affordable SEO tool that I’d recommend. and am using.


Generating Traffic


5. Blog Traffic Blueprint

Price: $497
Where To Buy: Blog Traffic Blueprint

This course is made by SmartBlogger who’s founded by Jon Morrow.

SmartBlogger was previously known as Boost Blog Traffic. A blog that really lived up to its name. In 2012, Boost Blog Traffic had over 100,000 email subscribers, earning $100k+ per month, while teaching readers how to successfully write and start a blog.

Now SmartBlogger isn’t just handled by Jon alone. It’s now a thriving business that’s run by the best virtual teams globally. 

Their Blog Traffic Blueprint is perfect for any website owner who’s thinking of different strategies to increase their website traffic. The course has 26 video lessons that teach you different traffic strategies and which one fits you.


There are some blog testimonials about the course and all of them are giving praise to its creators. 

In this review, he mentioned that Jon stated that there’s no single traffic strategy that works for everyone. Which is why Jon in the course is not giving you a single strategy but instead you’ll receive five. Overall, the blogger here just plainly loves the course and the lessons it teaches.

Another review tells its readers that it’s the all in one course if you’re looking for a traffic strategy that works. The blog mentions that it’s the most comprehensive traffic course they’ve encountered online. 

– Advantages & Disadvantages

Creators of the course know that there’s no one single way to achieve website traffic. There are many strategies out there and to some extent, almost any strategy can bring results.

But what’s good about the Blog Traffic Blueprint is it introduces 5 strategies that cover all the basic principles and ideas in bringing traffic to your website.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a new strategy that will be formed years from now because whatever it is, it will most definitely fall under the 5 strategies taught in the course.

Other than teaching you the most important yet basic strategies, the course is very in-depth and detailed on teaching the step by step walkthroughs on driving traffic to your blog. It also shows real-world examples of how and why the strategies work.

The downside is that the course CAN be a bit on the pricey side for only teaching the traffic strategies – which is why I would think that this course would be more suitable for bloggers who have made some income from their blog.


6. Creating Blog Content Your Readers Actually Want To Read

Premium Skillshare Membership: $110
Where To Buy: Skillshare

Any blogger can write about a topic they like but not everyone can structure it in a way to make the readers keep reading until the end of the post.

Theresa Christine who’s a freelance travel writer and blogger made this course so people will know the ideas and tips behind awesome content.

You know it’s a great course when the speaker teaches from experience and not just talk about theories – Theresa is that speaker. In her course, you’ll understand that for a blog to be successful it goes beyond just writing content. You NEED to understand the audience that you’re writing for as well.

– Testimonials

Since this course can only be accessed in Skillshare, you can check out the reviews here. But to give you a brief overview, you can barely read any negative comments on the course and that’s because Theresa has given much value to every course taker. 

Looking at Theresa’s Skillshare profile, she has a ton of classes that focuses on writing and starting a blog. This just means she’s very knowledgeable on the topic and is not afraid to share every bit of information on her blogging success.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

An advantage of this course is it’s for all levels of bloggers. A beginner, intermediate, or advanced blogger will surely still get valuable information. Plus the course doesn’t even take much of your time. It’s only around 22 minutes so it’s a good introduction and refresher course at the same time.

The only disadvantage (but not really) would be the cost of a Skillshare membership. But again, it’s not really though a disadvantage because being a premium member of Skillshare will grant you free access to thousands of classes in different niches.


7. SEO For Bloggers

Price: $299
Where To Buy: Seo For Bloggers

SEO is a topic that’s avoided by many because of the different tasks and processes needed to be done. A lot of bloggers just dismiss the idea of using SEO on their websites for the reason that they don’t know how to do it.

I, can definitely relate.

But Matt Giovanisci’s SEO for Bloggers is a one-stop course for everything you need to know about SEO. It’s a course that both beginner and advanced bloggers can enjoy.

Matt has a good track record of building websites and making it profitable. He has built websites that gave him 6 digits annual income and has also sold a site for $55,000. Any advanced bloggers know how difficult that achievement is to reach. 

For a website to give you six digits annually that site needs to be SEO ready. Not just the whole site but every page and content under it.

So if Matt is able to build websites that give such revenues and while also selling websites to others, this just means that he has mastered the science behind SEO. Which makes him the perfect teacher for an SEO course 🙂

– Testimonials

In this review of the course, they mentioned how SEO can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming but Matt has strategically discussed the topic by breaking it down into small and consumable pieces.

The topic is broken down into 18 videos with having an average duration of 10-15 mins while some extend to half an hour. And Matt doesn’t like to beat around the bush, so your 18 videos REALLY just focuses on every aspect of SEO. 

– Advantages & Disadvantages

If you know how SEO works then you understand that the results can’t be seen immediately. Which means that your return on investment with this course might take some time.

But what’s important here is you’re able to understand the concept of SEO and get new ideas from the course. After finishing the course the only thing you need to do is to apply every lesson that Matt taught on the videos.

It might take some time though (I can speak for that) but again, nothing worthy comes easy 🙂


8. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

best blogging courses

Price: $197
Where To Buy: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is also a course made by Create&Go but this time they focused on how you can get web traffic by utilizing the Pinterest platform. 

I personally focus on Pinterest alone to drive traffic from my website. It’s because of Create And Go that made me realize that you don’t need to spread yourself out on every social media out there. Instead, you should put all your efforts and focus on one or two platforms, especially when you’re just starting out.

If you’ve read several articles on how to get web traffic, I’m sure the majority of them mentioned Pinterest. And with this course, Alex and Lauren will teach and guide you on how can fully utilize Pinterest for your website’s benefit.

– Testimonials

You know Create And Go has successfully built a solid following because every course they have has a comprehensive review from different blogs. 

The strategies that they are sharing are something that you wouldn’t know if you’re just starting out. It’s hard for you to figure out without anyone pointing out the RIGHT way to succeed on Pinterest – and the course did just that. From Pinterest SEO, to the importance of group boards as well as the best practice of Pinterest pinning, this course covers it all.

And the bonuses that they gave is out of this world. I’ve personally never heard of the strategy that they use given by other people – and they WORK. I can personally attest to that.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to learn from others who have done it.

That’s what separates Create And Go courses from others because they have data to back it up. They receive 300,000+ monthly visits from Pinterest alone. So given that fact, you’re sure to get valuable information, tips, and secrets on how you can also achieve that number!

The only thing that you NEED to be aware of, they do use and recommend the usage of Tailwind on their course. Which if you’re a new blogger and want to save some money, you might want to focus on manual pinning.

And if you do, I’d really recommend the next suggestion.


9. Pinteresting Strategies

best blogging courses-min

Price: $57
Where To Buy: Pinteresting Strategies

This Pinteresting Strategies course is made by Carly, who’s the owner of the blog Mummy On Purpose.

She started her blogging journey specifically to replace her day job income and to finally stay at home with her kids – and she was able to do just that, once she has cracked the Pinterest code back in 2016.

The one thing that this course is famous for is the fact that she did all this without the usage of any auto-scheduler. Meaning that she’s done this manually without spending any money on any tools! So it’s perfect for bloggers who are trying to save some money 🙂

– Testimonials

I’ve started this course back in early 2020 and that’s when Pinterest had made some big moves in their algorithm.

But with that being said, the core of the course on SEO still remains the same. Carly shows how to get those keywords and how to make sure that Pinterest “understands” what you’re trying to put out there.

To be honest, I didn’t think the Pinterest strategies that she had shown in the course would be impactful in 2020 UNTIL I have tested it. Carly JUST updated the strategy with proven and tested track record in 2020 – and it WORKS guys. I’m not kidding, I’ve tried it.

Her understanding of Pinterest is beyond anyone because she has been meticulously trying to crack the Pinterest code manually – and I think this is where she has the advantage over other courses.

If you want to see more reviews, you can go here.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

One advantage is that the course is extremely affordable for new beginners. Also the fact that new bloggers won’t need to be spending additional money to subscribe to an auto-scheduler to follow the course.

The course is updated with a proven track record before it’s being shared is something I REALLY appreciate as a student.

BUT that being said, one thing I’m not really a fan of is the fact that there is no support group or community. I think it’s much better if the students can be in a community where they will be able to share success stories and ideas on how to win on Pinterest.

Though Carly HAS a Facebook group, it’s only meant for the students who subscribed to her monthly membership program. If you’re only a student for Pinteresting Strategies, you’ll only get an FAQ page in the course itself.


10. 10 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

Price: $100
Where To Buy: Udemy

This Udemy course was created by Nik Swami is an entrepreneur who has leveraged the power of social media, e-commerce, and consulting to multiple 6-figure businesses.

Now I don’t really use Facebook to get traffic to my website but that shouldn’t mean that you should too. Who knows maybe your blog and content work best for Facebook audiences.

Never try never know 🙂

In the course, Nik will teach how you can produce powerful content on Facebook, boost your Facebook page, utilize and interact on Facebook groups, and many more.

The course is for organizations, brands, entrepreneurs, and especially bloggers. The Facebook marketing strategies taught here will surely boost your online presence while also building traffic and a good number of following.

– Testimonials

You can check a bunch of Udemy reviews here. Most course takers recommend this because the strategies and lessons taught here are easy to follow and apply. Which is very important so you can start doing it to your own brands and websites immediately.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

One clear advantage of this course is you’re learning from someone who has done this successfully on multiple businesses. You know that someone is very knowledgeable about a topic if he or she is able to simplify a concept that’s deemed complicated by many.

And that’s what Nik did in this course. He laid it out into 10 video lessons wherein he covered everything one needs to know on Facebook marketing strategies.

Now, one thing that you need to know that is if you’re somewhat intermediate when it comes to Facebook marketing, you’d probably need something more advanced to get traffic from there because, at times, this CAN be a pretty basic course for someone who’s comfortable with Facebook already.


Monetizetizing Your Blog


11. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Price: $197
Where To Buy: Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

This course is created by the brains behind Making Sense of CentsMichell. She started her own blog with the hope of improving her finances. Her blog was also started for her to keep track of her progress which is a common reason for us bloggers. 

Making Sense of Cents has an excellent track record of awards and mentions where you can see a full list of it here. Michell’s blog isn’t one dimensional for it covers an array of topics from money, career, lifestyle, and blogging (almost like yours truly).

If you’ve searched for different blogging courses, I’m sure you’ve encountered her affiliate course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing since it has been recommended across different blogs and other platforms.

– Testimonials

I’ve read a mixture of positive and negative reviews regarding this course. Some reviews say that it doesn’t live up to the hype and the material lacks in-depth discussion and specifics.

While others have seen an increase in affiliate sales after some time of taking the course. This review also praises the contents that it gave out to its course takers and have seen results in web traffic by following Michell’s strategies and advice.

Whether you’ll push through this course will entirely be up to you. And I’m here tell you that regardless of the reviews – whether bad, good, or mixed, others opinion shouldn’t hinder you from experiencing it.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

I’ve read reviews that this course helped them improve in areas that they were doing wrong. Even though affiliate marketing can be seen as something easy for bloggers to do, it definitely takes skills and practice on how to create the perfect content and how you should go about promoting each affiliate promotion.

The good news is that, Michelle covers it all in the course 🙂

A disadvantage of the course would be it’s only good for beginners. It doesn’t also talk deep enough about the topic which makes it seem like it’s shallow and lacks in-depth discussion.

My personal favorite is still Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to affiliate marketing courses just because it’s always up to date, and you learn SO MUCH from the founders AND successful students there.


12. Six-Figure Blogger

best blogging courses 2

Price: $297
Where to buy: Six-Figure Blogger

I know I’ve featured 2 courses from Create&Go already but trust me they have built these 3 courses specifically to help people achieve what they had achieved.

Launch Your Blog Biz course is definitely for a beginner to help them set up a website, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is to get traffic to your website, and now Six-Figure Blogger course is to help enhance the monetizing part of your blog.

Is it for beginners though? I think yes, if you already have some sort of traffic to your blog.

When I went through the course, it’s definitely not for someone who doesn’t have any website yet but if you already have one or just started one, this can still be a good investment for you to understand better on how to monetize it fast..

– Testimonials

I personally am in the same support group as other successful bloggers and I can see how they were able to get whatever is being taught in the course to double their blogging income.

One of the blogs I personally read is from the Clever Finance Girls and I was so surprised that she learned how to monetize her website through this course! You can definitely watch her video testimonial here.

– Advantages & Disadvantages

I personally love the course. I came from a marketing background and I still find that there are A LOT of things that I didn’t know about.

And the course is NOT just about creating a course and selling them (though it’s one way to do it) but also how to strategize your product selling process from top to bottom – what you need to do before selling a product AND what you need to do after selling the product.

I don’t think I have anything to say about how the course could be improved because not a lot of courses actually focuses solely on monetizing websites. And this course does.

Perhaps if you’re totally a beginner, until you have some kind of traffic, this course might not be as useful for you at this moment. But you can definitely enroll once you have more traffic and trying to find ways on how to double, triple your blogging income 🙂


My Recommendations

I’m trying not to be biased here but of all the courses that I’ve gone through, below are my 2 personal recommendations to you, if you’re going to take the plunge and start a blogging business.

Stick to one of them because both WILL give you what you’ll need to start from scratch and make money.


1. Wealthy Affiliate 

Starter Membership: Free
Premium Membership:
– $19 on the first month (if you upgrade to premium within 7 day),
– $47 for all the following months.
Annual Premium Membership: $495
Signup Here: Wealthy Affiliate

  • Not only teaches affiliate marketing, but you can build your own website straight from the platform (just like this blog)
  • 2 core trainings given by the founders + endless trainings given by top bloggers who’ve been in WA
  • Free keyword research tool
  • A community that never sleeps
  • Support that takes only a few minutes to get a response from

2. Pro Blogger Bundle

*Bundle of Launch Your Blog Biz, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche & Six-Figure Blogger

Price: $647
Where to buy: Six-Figure Blogger

  • One time payment for everything you need to know about blogging business
  • Easy to follow guides with templates
  • Have a supportive Facebook group with a lot of interaction from other students
  • Quick to update with any algorithm or price changes
  • Probably the only bundle you’d need to start blogging seriously


Which Blogging Course Above Will You Enroll In?

Every blogging course stated above will surely help you with your blogging career in one way or another. Blogging is a deep topic that’s also fun and rewarding at the same time. That’s why throughout the years, the blogging industry hasn’t died down yet. 

Blogging will always be an essential factor in someone’s online success. Whether you’re a business or a personal brand. And taking some of the courses above will increase your chances of attaining your online goals.

So which course above will you enroll in this year? Let me know below 😀




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