About Wina

Hey, I’m Wina.

that millennial girl about
I know how it feels like to lose control over your money.
  • I have been in debt,
  • I have been spending like no one’s business and max out my credit card,
  • I have taken multiple installment payments for things I don’t need,
  • And I have been in a place where my credit card = my emergency fund.
I hate that feeling.

The feeling of not having control of where my money goes and not knowing enough about how money works.

But because of the hatred and the restlessness of that, I started very slowly learning more and more about personal finance and how to manage my money better.

Now, I’m not from a finance background. I’m from a media background, having worked as a digital marketer ever since I graduated from college.

After a while, as to how millennials usually feel, I started to lose sense of purpose in what I do. I’m still a digital marketer, helping businesses with their online marketing efforts but I want to do something more that can help others to see how dangerous, yet wonderful money is.

This blog is dedicated to all my friends who have asked me how to manage money better.

And to make myself to better use, I’m also on my way to being a certified financial planner (CFP). I will make an announcement here once I’ve finished the whole certification.

I hope to empower more millennials to take control and being smart with money – knowing exactly how to achieve that financial freedom.

If you’d also like to learn more about how money works, check back this space for weekly new posts.

In this blog, there are mainly a few categories that can help you navigate better.

You can see the categories below and I’ve listed down some articles that you might enjoy.

  1. Money Management
  2. Making More Money
  3. Saving More Money
  4. Career

Also, if you’d like to know more -> this is THE online course I took to learn how to make money online and quit my 9-5.