10 Proven Tips On How To Improve Productivity At Work

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With all sorts of distractions in our workplace, being productive is easier said than done. Our phones are at arms-reach, a cat video is one click away and our friends are just two cubicles apart.

Nothing is a more pain in the a*s than spending two days on one task and our boss is already nagging us on where the project is…

If you love your job and you want to be the best employee that you could ever be, productivity is the name of the game!

Being productive makes us feel that we’ve crushed the day. That we maximized our hours in the office. That we were efficient and working smart!

So to be more productive and efficient, I wrote my tips on how to improve productivity at work!

If you’re a productivity monster, a high efficient employee, or even just looking for ways to step up their productivity game, this blog post is for you!

10 Proven Tips On How To Improve Productivity At Work

tips on how to improve productivity at work


1. Write Down Your Task 

10 Tips On How To Improve Productivity At Work

A way to see the bigger picture of what you’ll do for the day is to write down your tasks. Write first the task that needs to be done immediately to the longer timeframe. 

You can first write the task and expand on it. For example, I know that today I need to write a blog post. So I’ll have mini pointers to do such as keyword research, the skeleton of the post, graphics for the post, etc.

I’ve done this and it has helped me prepare mentally on what to prioritize. I always write it on a post-it note and NOT on my phone so that I won’t be tempted to go for social media.

But, if you are looking for a place to have better management of your to-do list on your device, you can try:

When an unexpected meeting happens, that list will remind me of what to do first. (Another way you can apply this hack is when doing your groceries, read more about here)


2. Don’t Multitask

Don’t buy the idea that you can do more when you’re multitasking.

You might be busy but you won’t be satisfied with the outcome.

A lot of us think that we are achieving a lot when we are multitasking! But there’s a number of studies that show multitasking only drags our productivity levels down!

I used to multitask a lot but I always find myself too spread out and in return I’m not giving a hundred percent on my projects. It resulted in more mistakes and half-assed works. 

So what I did was switch to monotasking. With this, I can give my 100% focus and effort to a single task. I would rather have one excellent project done than three mediocre works!


3. Distribute The Task Efficiently

10 Tips On How To Improve Productivity At Work

If you’re a team leader there’s a way for you to delegate the tasks efficiently. 

You should know who’s good at administration, research, coding, writing, editing, etc.. 

Basically you should know your team member’s strengths and weaknesses! This will help you finish the project faster and you’ll be much more confident that each job is done efficiently.

I’ve seen a number of teams scrambling to beat a deadline for a project. Sadly, they were all over the place. I was thinking what if the task handed to each team member complemented their strengths? would they’ve been more organized and productive?


4. Setup A Date And Time

This tip has worked wonders for me! Some people might think that setting up a deadline for a project or a task can be detrimental to your output because of the pressure that it gives.

But not this girl, I’m motivated by it! Pressure makes diamonds! 

Setting up a date or even just a number of hours for a task will spark a sense of urgency in you. 

Back then, I knew what tasks to prioritize first. Sometimes it took me longer than usual to finish them.

I wasn’t multitasking but I wasn’t also in a hurry. This left some small tasks being unfinished and being carried over the next week.

Bringing unfinished tasks from the previous week is a major no-no for me (especially when I know I could’ve finished it that week). I want brand new projects/tasks for a brand new week!

This honestly relates back to our habit of procrastination. Watch the video below to know why this step is REALLY important.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions

Blog: Good Day Guys! — Steemit

There’s this girl who took a 15-minute break from work. She decided to look through her social media accounts to give her mind a break. 5 minutes of scrolling has gone by and the girl didn’t mind because again…she was still on break. Until she caught herself still scrolling her feed and watching videos on Facebook for a good 30 minutes already. 

A little bit too detailed, right? That’s because that girl was me! 🙁

When that happened a bit more frequently than usual, I decided to keep my phone out of my sight! 

Since we’ve used social media for over a decade, our minds are accustomed to taking a break when using those applications. But we forgot that it’s so easy to get caught up in binge-watching sessions when we’re trying to relax. 

Remember that social media – whether that’s Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, or Pinterest, all of them are designed to make you use the platform for as long as they can.

So if you have the luxury to walk around your office or get a breath of fresh air outside in your break time, do that instead!

If you get distracted because of someone’s text or new emails coming in, I suggest you turn off the notifications on your phone. 

I use my computer’s browser on checking my emails and I put my phone in silent mode.

Another bonus trick is to invest on a noise-canceling headphone. It works wonders and will let others know that you’re in the zone and not wanting to be disturbed 😉


6. Take Some Mini-Breaks

Surviving the Quarantine Cabin Fever

Although we want to be efficient with our time in the office, taking breaks is important as well.

Whether that’s walking around, talking to a workmate, or even just going outside to see a different view, this can greatly affect your performance. 

Why do you think that there’s an “adult-playground” in Google’s corporate headquarters?

What I do is just have a stroll in the office and do a few stretches. This helps me to stretch out those muscles that have been tight from all those sitting around the office.

Having these types of breaks will allow you to have a clear mind when you go back to work. It will also keep your brain to stay focused!


Now the following tips should be done outside of the office. If you think that all productivity hacks are done inside the office, think again! There are plenty of outside factors that can help boost our productivity level!


7. Celebrate Wins

Importance of Teamwork & Collaboration in a Digital World

If your team just got finished with a big project, go and celebrate!

Celebrate small and big wins!

Whether that’s eating out or just having some drinks, accomplishing a project is worth celebrating.

This will boost camaraderie and team spirit!


8. Sweat It Out

Although I’m not a frequent gym person, that won’t stop me from sharing this tip! There’s a lot of mental health benefits that exercise can do. 

Just to name a few, exercise can help you with reducing stress, boost brainpower, and improve self-confidence! 

Nothing makes you go out there and be productive when you feel good about yourself! 

In my case, my substitute for going to the gym would be doing yoga! Not only do I stretch out my body (which is important if we’re constantly sitting during our work), I get a sense of increased focus throughout the day when I do a yoga session!

It may be different for you too! Maybe for you, it’s jogging, home exercise, or even meditation. 

What’s important is we stay active and keep the blood flowing!


9. What We Eat Is Important

Healthy Ray J GIF by MTV Cribs - Find & Share on GIPHY

There are a lot of times that we feel sleepy after eating lunch. It’s not because of lunch time that we feel sleepy, it’s because of the food we eat!

Studies show that eating a lot of food rich in carbohydrates can make you feel sleepy.  These foods include pasta, white bread, rice, donuts, and cakes.

I’m not saying that you should stop eating those foods but if you’re bothered about feeling sleepy after a good meal, then avoiding those foods might help.

Now for foods that affect your body and brain in a more productive way, these are sardines, salmon, blueberries, turmeric, oranges, and nuts. But my favorite among them all is..coffee!

Shoutout to my coffee lovers out there! ☕☕ Leave a heart below!❤️❤️


10. Get Enough Rest And Sleep

Now that you’ve worked hard and smart in the office, it’s time to give yourself a break!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, sleep affects our functioning, mood, and health.

This is very important when it comes to being a productive person. This is one way to fight off physical and mental fatigue.

You don’t want to be great at work on Monday and end up being tired for the next two days. What we want to be is a consistent productive employee! And we can achieve this by balancing both work and personal life!


What’s Your Go-To Productivity Hack?


What’s your favorite tip? I know I’m not the only one who’s thinking of ways to increase productivity! I’d love to hear yours too 🙂 





If you find the post helpful, please share it around!

4 thoughts on “10 Proven Tips On How To Improve Productivity At Work”

  1. I really enjoy post from thatmellinnialgirl. You’re post are clear and easy to follow. I also enjoy that you use a steps format. I have printed this post and will be trying several of your steps at my current job, especially writing down my tasks and stop multitasking.  I look forward to reading what else you have to offer. 

  2. This is a very useful article to read, for anybody looking for ways to improve his or her productivity at work. Sometimes, some workers forget that there are some qualities that every management appreciates from a worker. To be a productive worker, you need to be self-disciplined, focused, and with a positive attitude. You mentioned multi-tasking, well, some people can multi-task and still be productive, while some can’t and if they do the quality of work will be lacking. Also, the idea of To-Do- List, is ok. But one thing, I have noticed in people’s way of working is that people approach problem-solving in different ways to arrive at the same result. 

    Some people can still be productive with or without a to-do list while another person can’t do without it. I think another important tip you provided is about getting rest and sleep. I think that this is very important it is not for luxury. It is like serving the engine of a car for better performance. Adequate rest and sleep help the body to rejuvenate after each day-long labor. It helps both the physical as well as the emotional or mental health of the body. I have seen so many workers who feel so drowsy while at work when you ask, they will tell you that they didn’t sleep last night or that they are feeling tired. We need to learn how to take proper care of our body by watching our diets, sleep, and activities prior to or after work.

    Necessary Tips overall.



    • Hi Favorme, thanks for dropping by to my blog! 🙂

      I have seen very few little who can multitask successfully but I do believe that in order for one to be more organized, focusing one thing at a time and having a to-do list is the way to go. It’ll be a sure way to always get things done and not missing out anything.

      For rest – absolutely! I didn’t mention it in the blog, but having a time off away every now and then and completely be away from work should help too!


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